2023 has been a remarkable year, filled with extraordinary achievements. We successfully secured Series A funding, achieved B Corp certification, took our product offering to the next level and once again doubled the size of our team. Our participation in over 30 EV industry events across the US, Europe, and Asia enriched us with invaluable insights and even stronger connections. 

Over the past 12 months, our prime focus has been on advancing our technology excellence and turning our EV charging management platform into the preferred choice for large-scale EV charging providers globally. We enable them to have full control over their business, to differentiate on the market with custom UX for EV drivers and to gain competitive advantage with custom functionality. 

As we prepare to embrace the new opportunities in 2024, here’s a quick recap of the main highlights of 2023.

Secured $16M in venture capital investment

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We had a remarkable start to the year, successfully raising $16M in venture capital investment after closing a Series A funding round of $13M led by BMW i Ventures. 

This financial boost gave us the firepower to scale our achievements and expand, particularly in the European and North American markets. 

Grew globally

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This year, we welcomed our 100th team member, extending our global influence and reinforcing our leadership in key regions. Our new office in France and the strategic hiring of our first team members in the US, France and the UK have been pivotal in strengthening our presence and capabilities in these crucial markets. This expansion allowed us to form new teams in solution consulting, hardware integration, sustainability and regulations, and technical architecture consulting, enhancing our ability to deliver superior service to our clients.

Extended product capabilities for large-scale EV charging providers

Extended product capabilities

In 2023, we put our primary efforts into tailoring our solution to the business needs of large-scale EV charging operators. Those who see strategic value in their EV charging business and are committed to expanding their charging networks, diversifying use cases and broadening their market reach. They require complete control over operations and vendor relationships across all business-critical areas. For them, the ability to differentiate themselves on the market with custom functionalities and user experiences is critical. That’s why AMPECO’s platform completely redefines the approach to EV charging in terms of flexibility, extensibility and scalability. It’s not about fitting your needs to the software anymore, but rather crafting software that fits your needs. 

The API at the core of our platform opens doors to unlimited customization. It grants operators access to all EV charging platform functionalities and facilitates data exchange with other systems. AMPECO’s extensive API lays the foundation for building tailored functionalities and unique user interfaces like custom mobile apps or portals. 

In 2023, we extended our ever-growing list of integrations that allow operators to choose their preferred software or hardware vendors. The list already covers critical providers like payment terminals and electricity meters, as well as software vendors for dynamic electricity rates, payment processors, billing and invoicing, marketing tools, single sign-on and many more.

We redesigned and improved our tariff management module, and it now allows network operators to implement complex and flexible pricing models to cater to multiple use cases, partners or markets. It enables them to use pricing as a competitive advantage and differentiate on the market as adaptive and innovative. 

To advance our platform in managing charge points at scale, we enhanced our bulk imports, templates, vendor error codes, firmware updates, and user and session data, among many other improvements.

That’s just a tiny fraction of all new features and enhancements released on the AMPECO platform in 2023. 

Read more product highlights in our blog or book a full live demo of the AMPECO platform.

Understanding the importance of compliance and regulation in global operations, our platform ensures adherence to government regulations and tax and invoicing requirements across different regions. This compliance empowers our clients to launch and maintain operations confidently across key markets.

Working with large-scale EV charging operators in 45 markets allows us to adapt to market dynamics quickly and deeply understand how software enables business growth. In 2024, we will continue to shape the AMPECO EV charging management platform as the most flexible and extensible solution for operators globally.

Continued to gain industry recognition

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We secured 15th place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2023 Central Europe for our rapid growth and impact in the EV charging sector. AMPECO also won the PwC ESG special award for Digital Climate Solution, acknowledging our contributions to low-carbon mobility and sustainable business practices, which align with our commitment to promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

Forged key partnerships

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AMPECO is forging ahead in electric mobility through key collaborations and memberships. Partnering with EVBox, we’re pioneering the adoption of OCPP 2.0.1, enhancing EV charging with advanced features like smart charging and robust security. Additionally, AMPECO has joined AVERE France, reinforcing our commitment to eMobility in Europe. This membership aligns with France’s push for sustainable transportation and offers AMPECO a platform to share our global EV charging expertise. Other notable achievements include becoming a core member of CharIN and the ChargeX Consortium, led by the US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation and three National Laboratories, demonstrating our dedication to setting global EV charging standards.

Championed sustainability

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In 2023, we established a new, dedicated sustainability consulting team and proudly published our inaugural sustainability report, reflecting our deep commitment to environmental responsibility. Our efforts were recognized with prestigious accolades, including a BCorp certification and an EcoVadis silver rating. Highlighting our leadership in the field, we hosted our first Sustainability Webinar featuring esteemed guests like Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A and Bas Hendriks, Director at IMPROVED, fostering a dialogue on how charge point operators can prepare their EV charging businesses for ESG success.

Met the industry live

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We exceeded last year’s record for event participation, showcasing our growing presence at over 30 EV industry events in Europe, North America and Asia. Alongside the industry’s top-tier events such as EVS36, MOVE America, and ICNC2023, the Nordic EV Summit that we regularly attend, we also expanded our reach to include ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, Avere Mobility Conference in the Netherlands, Future Mobility Asia in Thailand, the London EV Show, Fleet Forward Conference, EV World Congress, several events in Germany: IAA Mobility, Power2Drive, and E-world Energy and Water among others.

Celebrate, grow and innovate with us in 2024

Our growth story is one of resilience, embracing challenges and celebrating our successes together, which we do in style at our entertaining team-building events

Interested in joining us? We invite you to take a look at our open positions and supercharge your career with us. 

Here’s to a happy holiday season and a fantastic 2024!


Baycho Georgiev

Chief Marketing Officer

About the author

Baycho Georgiev is Chief Marketing Officer at AMPECO EV Charging Platform.