Build your tailored EV charging solution with the AMPECO EV Charging API

Focus on your core customer and product experiences. We take care of the heavy lifting..

Illustration of AMPECO API communicationg with differеnt external systems
Integrate with Business Systems

3rd Party integrations

Seamlessly integrate EV charging into your business

AMPECO’s flexible and scalable API enables you to integrate essential EV charging data into your current systems (ERP, CRM, billing, etc) to meet your unique business needs.

Tailored solutions

Create bespoke solutions with our API-driven platform

Benefit from a high level of customization and use the AMPECO EV Charging API to develop additional features that address your particular use cases.

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Fast and easy integrations with the AMPECO API

Build custom features and apps to entice customers and secure your competitive advantage.

API ACcess Control

Empower your site hosts and partners by providing them with AMPECO API functionality for extending business integrations with third-party systems.

Open API Documentation

Drastically speed up development with our structured OpenAPI documentation that follows the standardized format.


The AMPECO API is a RESTful (REST) API that is fast, scalable, and lightweight, allowing for maximum integration flexibility with existing systems.


Enable real-time, automated notifications and data from one app to another when triggered by a specified event involving users, charging stations, and transactions.

AMPECO Developer Hub

Get access to comprehensive API documentation and guides that increase developers’ productivity and shorten time-to-market when building custom functionality.

Public API - Focus on your core customer and product experiences. We take care of the heavy lifting..

Easily expand your service offering with AMPECO API

Build next-generation e-mobility solutions and services with our EV Charging API. It accelerates customization and offers bespoke enhancements easily.

Customize user experiences

Integrate EV charging functionality to your own app, web portal or build new customer-facing interfaces that match user expectations.

Empowers business growth

AMPECO API gives you the freedom to build additional functionalities on top of our platform to accommodate specific business use cases and secure your competitive advantage.

Augment existing solutions

Enhance your existing ERP and CRM systems with the EV charging data you need. Use your default billing and payment systems for your EV charging subsidiary.

Scale your solution

AMPECO API is flexible and focused on performance so you can scale existing EV charging services efficiently. Our continuous R&D ensures you always have the tools to compete in the fast-paced, global EV market.

Accelerate time to market

Seamlessly transfer information between systems to leverage existing infrastructure, OCPP, OCPI and OICP to go live in weeks instead of months.

EV Charging API use cases to consider

Integrate with your existing systems

Using AMPECO’s API, you can seamlessly integrate trusted systems you already use, such as ERP, CRM, payment and billing systems. API integrations allow for a high level of process automation without duplicating data in multiple systems. This means you can enhance existing systems while your customer data stays in your CRM.

Integrate with existing systems

Enhance your existing app with EV charging data

Adding the EV charging functionality can increase adoption and revenues for companies that already have a customer-facing app. AMPECO API offers full control over the EV charging functionality, user authentication, tariffs, charging session data, payments and billing so that you can provide your customers with this functionality seamlessly.

Enhance with EV charging data

Build your own tailored solution

Our EV Charging API offers companies the EV charging management layer. We take care of OCPP, OCPI, OICP, V2G, VPP, firmware updates, etc. Using our API means less maintenance for legacy systems or protocols and more focus on customer and product experiences.

EV Charging Tailored Solutions

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Public API - Focus on your core customer and product experiences. We take care of the heavy lifting..

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Public API - Focus on your core customer and product experiences. We take care of the heavy lifting..

The 10 features your EV charging management software must have

Understand the business-critical software features in detail and how you can cover all EV charging strategies from one platform. Read now to set yourself up for success.

Public API - Focus on your core customer and product experiences. We take care of the heavy lifting..

The AMPECO Platform overview

Find out how to manage a reliable and profitable EV charging network using the EV charging software features in AMPECO’s platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate my own mobile app or web portal with your EV charging management platform?

Yes, you can. You have the option of using your own solutions, despite the fact that AMPECO provides a mobile app and a web portal as part of a wide range of built-in functionalities. Through our flexible EV Charging API, you are able to build or integrate your own customer-facing interface that meets your specific requirements.

Can I give my partners access to the AMPECO API?

Sure, you can. Similarly to how you can grant your partners (site hosts, fleets, suboperators, and other B2B customers) access to our platform, you can also authorize them to access to our EV charging API. This makes it easier for them to integrate EV charging services into their business.

Can I build on top of your off-the-shelf functionalities?

This is the greatest benefit of using the AMPECO API. At any time, you are free to develop your own customized solutions on top of our platform. Thus, you will always have a competitive advantage.

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Public API - Focus on your core customer and product experiences. We take care of the heavy lifting..