Electric Vehicle charging platform for Charge Point Manufacturers

Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof
EV charging platform.

Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.

EV adoption is reaching critical mass

New EV charging business models are already gaining traction in the market, and they must adapt to meet the changing needs of EV drivers. Charge point operators and installers are looking for high-quality charge points at a reasonable price. Still, they need a cloud-based EV charging management platform that enables monitoring, access control, payments, reporting, etc. Bundle your hardware with AMPECO’s software under your brand to service all EV charging solutions providers and business models.

  • Reasonable price and quality are not enough anymore. To maintain a competitive edge you must offer a complete solution.
  • For a superior EV driver experience, our software can handle most maintenance issues remotely.
  • Improve your hardware offering wih a future-proof EV charging software suite.
  • Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.


    EV charge point market is expected to grow in 5 years

  • Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.

    15 000

    Additional weekly demand for chargers

  • Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.


    EVs in USA & EU as a regulatory target by 2030

  • Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.


    EVs expected on the road by 2050

Why choose AMPECO as your EV Charging Management software partner?

With our white-label EV charge point management platform used by clients worldwide, you will be able to provide a complete bundle of charging hardware and future-proof software. Your clients will benefit from a full-featured white-label EV charging management platform under your(their) own brand that will enable them to grow their business.

Fast time to market

The EV charging management service for your clients can be live and running within 2-4 weeks with AMPECO. You will gain an advantage ahead of your competition by partnering with AMPECO and using our fast and flexible software services.

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Improve your ROI

Working with AMPECO as your EV charging software partner will help you reduce additional costs and human resources for software support and development. It will also enable you to provide services to new clients looking for advanced software solutions.

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Maximize sales revenue

You will increase charger sales by adding our software to the bundle for your clients. They will have a full feature EV charging management suite and our team will be dedicated to supporting all their future software requests.

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Lower total operational costs

AMPECO EV charging platform provides full EV charge point monitoring and control of operations, payments, and other important business information. All smart maintenance and active monitoring features help you and your clients optimize costs.

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All essential features for charge point management

As a charge point manufacturer, you need to have full control of the chargers’ management and provide seamless communication between the chargers and the backend software for your clients. AMPECO provides all basic and advanced operations, payment and billing, monitoring, and smart charging features.

Access control and monitoring

Manage user accounts, define access rules and terms of usage for user groups. Our platform provides auto-fault recovery algorithms, error handling capabilities, and detailed logs for OCPP, connectivity, hardware status, etc.

Payments and billing

AMPECO platform allows you and your clients to integrate the chargers with any payment and billing provider(Stripe and Braintree integrations available). You can also provide different payment options – credit cards, vouchers, top-ups, etc.

Fully OCPP compliant

AMPECO has extensive knowledge and experience in OCPP, making your hardware offering future-proof. You will benefit from all OCPP capabilities like remote commands, smart charging profiles, firmware updates, etc.

Complete white-label backend and mobile apps

Provide a seamless localized experience for your clients with our web and mobile apps. Our EV driver mobile apps and backend can all be customized to match your or your clients’ branding.

The full EV charging platform suite for charge point manufacturers includes direct EV roaming via OCPI and integration with roaming hubs like Hubject and GIREVE, dynamic load management, maintenance and support features, and many more.

Request Integration Test

Our team of professionals has extensive OCPP implementation expertise, having tested and integrated 40+ charging hardware vendors.

As we’re committed to providing the best smart charging technology to customers all around the world, we developed an OCPP compatibility evaluation procedure that covers 80+ scenarios. Schedule an integration test today to join our top-tier partners.

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Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.

One EV charging platform for all charging scenarios

AMPECO EV charging platform is used worldwide by operators, installers and fleet operators to support home, workplace and public charging scenarios. All charging in one application removes the need to download apps every time an EV driver needs to charge.

Corporate and employee charging

AMPECO platform can help your B2B clients easily switch to an EV fleet, with lower costs when dynamic load management is supported. We will help them unify all charging for their employees at work, home, and public chargers.
Companies with EV fleets will benefit from centralized billing and timely reporting plus analytics for all-electric vehicle drivers in the company charging hub and on the road. Advanced employee reconciliation features are also available in the AMPECO platform with a collective credit note for the charging cycles amassed by employees at the pre-defined tariffs.

Charge Point Operator solutions

Home charging

The number of countries offering incentives for buying a home charger is growing and the incentives are still high. Charge point installers and operators are reselling and installing home chargers for EV drivers. Having AMPECO as your software partner, you will be able to provide all important home charging software features – scheduled smart charging, delayed start of charging, track costs and energy usage, view all charging history alongside public and workplace charging, etc.

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Public charging

Local governments and retailers invest in public EV charging infrastructure and install both AC and DC charging stations. The EV charging management system is crucial for public networks because it needs to be scalable, provides remote charging station operations, advanced payment and billing options, and low customer support costs. Bundling your charging stations with a world-class EV charging management platform like AMPECO will guarantee you more deals.

Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.

Additional services for your customers

AMPECO goes the extra mile for your clients to have a successful EV charging business.


New OCPP chargers can be easily integrated as AMPECO EV Charging software platform connects seamlessly with all EV charging stations following Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

API integrations

AMPECO EV Charging platform allows you and your clients to connect with any third-party software. Custom integrations can be created for any system they want – payments, solar, storage, energy management, etc.

EV Roaming

AMPECO support of OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol enables you to provide your customers with EV roaming capabilities. They can set up internal and also external roaming hubs like Hubject and GIREVE.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our dedicated account manager will be your point of contact who will manage the whole onboarding process, consult you on various business cases and support you on an ongoing basis.

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Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.

What Charge Point Manufacturers often ask about

What is a charging station management platform?

A charge point management platform is a software package that lets you manage, maintain, and monetize a network of charging stations for a variety of use cases and business models. It comprises of a back office, a web portal, and mobile apps that are designed to improve corporate operations, lower maintenance costs, and give EV drivers a seamless charging experience.

Why do charge point manufacturers need an EV charging software platform?

There are several reasons why a charge point manufacturer may need EV charging management software. It mainly depends on your preferred business model and here are some of the most common scenarios:

Upsell by your hardware by adding software
Help your clients find the most appropriate software for their charging stations. Consult them on the required features for their use case – payments, billing, tariff management, smart energy management, etc.

Focus on improving your hardware performance
Building a complete software solution in addition to your hardware products is always a challenging and expensive job. Partnering with a software provider like AMPECO can give a competitive advantage to your offering.
With AMPECO’s extensive expertise in OCPP we can help you enhance your hardware offering while improving your OCPP integration. All your charge points will go through extensive testing of up to 80 different tests to ensure they are OCPP-compliant. If there are any deficiencies in your OCPP firmware compliance, we can quickly address them.

What should a charge point management software suite include?

Your EV charging management platform should include charging infrastructure management, end-user services, and smart energy management solutions tailored to your specific requirements. It should also be to provide real-time visibility, auto-fault recovery algorithms, user & partner management, roaming capabilities, and hardware flexibility.
It is essential to be able to create pricing plans and tariff models that are specific to your or your clients’ business models.
You should be able to interface with a payment processor of your choice to have total control over the money flow. As a result, customer payments may be accepted directly without any additional fees or delays. Smart energy management features such as dynamic load balancing and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) are essential for power load management, ensuring that the grid is never overloaded.

Charge Point Manufacturer - Improve your hardware offering with a future-proof EV charging platform.

Request AMPECO platform demo

Our team is looking forward to learning more about your business case as a charge point manufacturer. We will show you how our EV charging management software can help you add a future-proof software solution to your charging hardware offering.