As a charge point operator, you need a software solution that allows for significant scaling while ensuring efficiency in the daily operations needed to run an EV charging business. A white-label solution gives you the tools to increase profitability, accommodate use-cases and develop your brand for a successful long-term strategy.

The benefits of using a white-label solution

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Launch your business in a matter of weeks

Those who position themselves first and lead the way will enjoy the greatest opportunities from the rapid, global electric vehicle uptake. A white-label solution allows you to leverage industry expertise and launch your business within weeks. Market-ready features such as interoperability with any OCPP-compliant charging station, payment integrations, and load management tools cut your time to market considerably. Getting to market faster means you can focus on selling and installing stations, earning revenue and investing in your business and marketing efforts.

Reduce your software costs

Software product development is expensive and time-consuming. Investing in a team to build your platform can take a significant financial toll on your business. The people building your solution need to have exceptional technical skills, but also deep industry knowledge to create a solution that can accommodate a wide range of charging use cases. A white-label solution lets you bypass product building expenses and invest only a fraction of what you would if you started from scratch.

Get future-proof software built by experts

White-label software providers continuously develop their products to ensure you can scale and monetize your EV charging network. Charge point operators often underestimate the complexity of the market and the range of use cases that they have to solve. A white-label solution gives you a meaningful solution that will always be backed by the latest technologies that address evolving use-cases, industry challenges, and protocols. Resources that would otherwise be spent on maintaining and developing your software, could be used on installing new stations and growing your revenue instead.

Apply to a wide range of use-cases

As a charge point operator, you need a solution that requires support for chargers from multiple manufacturers, have existing systems that need to be integrated, or may require various languages in your mobile app. A white label solution can accommodate the list of challenges that your software needs to solve to achieve your business goals.

Promote your brand and earn customer loyalty

A white-label solution’s most powerful advantage is that it enables you to provide an exceptional charging experience entirely under your brand. Customers using your apps will associate their positive experience with you, not a third party. You can further foster customer loyalty by offering incentives such as special offers, discounted charging fees, and more.

Increase the monetization of your network

Having a recognizable brand with a lot of end customers will help you win B2B partnerships. This will help you install more charging stations at key locations increasing the monetization of your network. A white label solution like AMPECO’s even makes it possible for you to offer customized apps for your partners to promote their own brands. This is an additional benefit that can accommodate different business models and enable better monetization.

AMPECO’s EV charging solution can set you up for success

With our EV charging platform, you get the best of what a fully white-label solution has to offer. Once you have provided us with your brand guidelines, we start customizing your mobile app for your end-users and your back-end management portal.

Illustation of how you can brand your mobile app landing screen with Ampeco

All the modules of the software are branded with your logo, font and colors to match your company identity. As well as the mobile app and the back-end management portal, this includes web interfaces and all customer accessible documents. Everything your customers see is entirely under your brand with no indication that it is powered by AMPECO. Visually, there would be no difference between using our white-label solution or your own.

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Our EV driver mobile apps are intuitive and provide a seamless charging experience. The location pins, buttons, background colors, and icon customizations allow you to brand your service offerings and differentiate from the competition.

Final thoughts

As your business develops, it will be increasingly important to integrate additional capabilities and customization to address evolving use-cases and industry challenges. AMPECO’s EV charging platform not only puts your brand at the forefront of your business but also allows you to grow while providing a superior charging experience to your customers.

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Peter Nikolov

Head of Global Sales

About the author

Peter Nikolov is Head of Global Sales at AMPECO. As one of the leading EV charging management software consultants worldwide, you can reach out to him regarding EV charging business models and must-have features in your EV charging platform.