Electric Vehicle charging platform for Energy Utilities

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Energy Utility EV Charging Platform

EV Charging – a lucrative opportunity for energy utilities

As you know, electricity demand has plateaued in recent years. The greater energy efficiency of buildings and appliances, as well as home-owned solar panels, and other renewable energy sources, have all contributed to this.
But this “green revolution” has also given rise to electric vehicles. EV adoption is happening everywhere, but there is a major roadblock in the way – a lack of charging infrastructure.

Energy utilities can help solve the problem!

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    Electricity demand has plateaued in recent years.

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    EV adoption is happening, but a lack of charging infrastructure is a major roadblock.

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    Energy utilities’ capabilities are well-suited to addressing the challenges from EV charging.

Energy utilities - Energy utilities can help solve the problem!


EV charge point market is expected to grow in 5 years

Energy utilities - Energy utilities can help solve the problem!

15 000

Additional weekly demand for chargers

Energy utilities - Energy utilities can help solve the problem!


EVs in USA & EU as a regulatory target by 2030

Energy utilities - Energy utilities can help solve the problem!


EVs expected on the road by 2050

Why energy utilities choose AMPECO EV Charging Platform?

network of electric chargers in underground parking lot

Fast time to market

Launch and operate an EV charging network

Build, own, and operate a public EV charging network to increase kWh sales. Our white-label EV charging platform will help you take care of everything.

home Charging

Upsell home charging to your loyal clients

Using the same platform, you can offer home EV charging solutions to new and existing customers. This complements your current offerings and could help you retain clients. AMPECO’s optimized smart charging opens up new monetization and cost-cutting potential.

person charging car in front of apartment building
person in office setting smart tariffs using ampeco software

Flexible tariffs

Smart charging and dynamic tariffs

Provide dynamic smart tariffs to encourage EV drivers to charge during off-peak hours. Why? EV drivers save money on their energy bills and, more importantly, do not overwhelm the grid.

Smart Charging & DLM

High ROI and low maintenance costs

You can avoid upgrading the electricity distribution infrastructure by using smart charging and dynamic load management features.

business people discussing return on investment
person using ampeco dashboard


Build your own tailored solution

AMPECO.API offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure to fulfill your unique EV charging needs. It enables you to integrate with existing systems, improve grid management, and offer demand response solutions.

All important features for energy utilities

Introduce a new service to your customers by providing EV charging. Both you and the customer can profit from smart charging and dynamic load management.

Dynamic Load Management

Install charging stations in areas with low power supply and ensure that power capacity is distributed evenly among your charging stations.

Flexible and smart tariff management

Provide dynamic pricing based on the time of day, kWh, or duration. Set up different pricing structures for different groups of EV drivers,(e.g. clients / non-clients).

Smart Charging

The smart charging capabilities of the AMPECO charging platform ensure that you optimize charging while avoiding costly grid upgrades.

White-label EV charging backend and mobile apps

Provide your customers a seamless, localized experience while we customize our white-label web and mobile apps for your brand.

Book EV Charging Consultation

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Let’s talk about your business case, software features you are curious about, or how we can help you start and grow your EV business.

Energy utilities - Energy utilities can help solve the problem!

Strategies and use cases for energy utilities

AMPECO EV Charging platform provides all the necessary features to run and maintain your EV Charging network. In addition, you can apply a high-quality white-label solution of the platform and end-user mobile apps in different business models.

Build and Operate an EV Charging Network

Energy utilities are uniquely positioned to deploy and manage charging stations for public and private use. You already have established relationships with your customers, and the opportunity to help them easily transition to electric vehicles. With your fleet of field technicians, you can get charging stations up and running at lightning speed.

Increase energy consumption and revenue by adding EV charging to your offering:

  • Build and operate a public charging network for electric vehicles;
  • Offer a full package for your enterprise clients featuring white-label software and hardware for EV charging;
  • Flexible and dynamic charging tariffs per KWh, per user, per location, etc.
Charge Point Operator solutions

Home charging and Smart tariffs

By 2025, electric vehicle sales are estimated to reach 11.2 million, with 31.1 million by 2030 (according to Deloitte). Electric vehicle owners are taking advantage of rebates and incentives to install home chargers, making adoption even easier.

Energy utilities can easily provide their loyal customers with a full spectrum of software, hardware, and grid services. AMPECO offers:

  • A full white-label mobile app with home charging capabilities – scheduled charging based on dynamic prices, time of use, etc.
  • Integration with dynamic smart tariffs for EV charging;
  • Easy connection to the grid
  • And more!
woman charging electric vehicle in home garage

We know what is important for your EV charging business

API integrations with Solar, Storage and Energy systems

AMPECO API allows you to integrate with your solar, storage and other energy management systems. This provides you with a standalone, fully integrated energy solution.

Hardware-agnostic— new OCPP chargers can be easily integrated

AMPECO EV Charging software platform for energy utilities is hardware-agnostic. It also seamlessly connects with all EV charging stations following Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Lower maintenance time and costs

Our EV charging management software has auto-fault recovery algorithms to help you to reduce long-term maintenance costs and eliminating the need to dispatch maintenance personnel to individual sites.

Dedicated account manager

You will have a dedicated account manager throughout the process. They will provide you with comprehensive training during onboarding, discuss your business cases, and provide continuing support.

Fast time to market

We will get you fully operational in just 2-4 weeks. A fast time-to-market is critical to your success.

What Energy Utility companies often ask about

What is an electric vehicle charging management platform?

An EV charging management platform is a cloud-based software that allows for the management, monetization, and maintenance of a charging station network across a wide range of use cases and business models. It is made up of a back-end, web portal, and mobile apps that are meant to enhance corporate operations, reduce maintenance costs and provide EV drivers with a seamless charging experience.

Why do Energy utility companies need an EV charging software platform?

The energy sector will be disrupted in the coming years, mainly due to the EV revolution. Energy Utility companies will be forced to take an active role in the process. In this regard, they have a significant opportunity to enter the EV charging market in order to better manage business risk through energy supply and distribution.

If you consider managing hundreds or thousands of charging stations, an EV charging management software will be critical to your business success. This platform should be easy to integrate into your operations as well as your existing ERP, CRM, and other management systems, allowing you to support all of your business activities while reducing charge point maintenance time and costs. An EV charging software suite reduces charge point downtime, increases visibility, expands payment options, and automates billing and invoicing. To enable a future-proof charging infrastructure, the platform must also be hardware-agnostic and capable of connecting with any OCPP-compliant charge point model. Finally, an EV charging management platform should support a wide range of business models and use cases, including private and home charging, as well as public and en-route charging scenarios.

What makes an EV charging management platform suitable for an energy utility company?

Before considering more sophisticated solutions, choose a provider that will thoroughly cover the essentials, such as ensuring optimal compatibility between the chargers and the system to enable cost-effective future operations, maintenance, and servicing. Basic service issues account for the majority of poor end-user experiences and are the most prevalent reason customers leave a network. This is why, at AMPECO, we provide our clients with extensive integration testing with their preferred manufacturers, evaluating the chargers in 80+ scenarios to ensure optimal performance.
Furthermore, the AMPECO open API allows for seamless integration with other systems and gives you complete control over the customer experience by allowing you to develop your own tailored solutions.

How does an energy utility company choose an EV charging management platform provider?

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of EV charging management software providers based on the feature set and response time, we recommend taking a look at their experience, client portfolio, and case studies. Working with a software provider who is backed by your direct or indirect competitors is a risk you want to avoid. Examine the company’s investors to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest that might place you at a competitive disadvantage when competing for the same customers.
After all, choose the applicant who best meets your needs.

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Energy utilities - Energy utilities can help solve the problem!