With EV charging set for hyper-growth, business owners need to evolve their business model, scale faster and address developing charging use cases. To stay competitive, they need to build personalized user experiences by leveraging data from existing customer touch points and collaborating with other companies along the e-mobility value chain.

Businesses need EV charging management software designed to support API technology. It is a two-way communication layer between software systems that enables data sharing and functionality. APIs empower you to meet distinct business needs and develop advanced custom solutions.

In the context of EV charging software, a business can get direct access to specific charging data like users, transactions, subscriptions, tariffs, locations, and many others through API. The more endpoints an EV charging API can provide, the easier it is for the charge point operator to use this data and build custom features on top or integrate with existing business systems.

The key elements of a good EV Charging API

  • OpenAPI documentation – defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs that speeds up development
  • RESTful (Rest) API – a software architecture designed with flexibility and independence in mind to support high-performing and reliable communication at scale
  • Webhook – enables real-time, automated notifications and data from one app to another when triggered by a specified event

1. Build your unique customer value proposition

A flexible EV charging API allows you to build your own customer-facing interface. By providing an easy way to extract your EV charging data and visualize it in any other application, you can offer more value and serve your customers’ needs better.

For example, in your mobile app, you can combine charging data with relevant points of interest for your clients, like malls, parks and daycare centers that are near EV charging stations. You can address geography-based requirements like making your app readable from right to left. Or you can set up EV routing plans that help drivers organize trips that include stops for charging.

2. Integrate EV charging into your existing business operations

You can easily integrate EV charging data into your trusted systems like ERP, CRM, payment or billing. API integrations allow a seamless flow of data and process automation, preventing duplicating data.

Through API commands, a business can automate many bulk operations that would otherwise have to be done manually through the backend. This way, you can optimize importing existing users, setting up new chargers, or generating invoices for business clients. The opportunities for process optimizations are limitless, so it all depends on your custom needs.

3. Unlock even more EV charging opportunities

As the EV charging industry develops, user expectations increase and charging use cases become more complex. Consumers demand top-notch services which require innovation – and with API integrations – the sky’s the limit! 

EV drivers want to optimize charging sessions and charge at the lowest prices, know whether the electricity used is green, calculate their CO2 emissions, get relevant data from their EV car, and more. On the other hand, energy companies are incentivized to protect electrical grids by optimizing charging schedules. They also need to analyze real-time and historical EV charging data to make better decisions.

All these are opportunities that businesses can grab with innovation and collaboration with other players in the e-mobility value chain. And the enabler for the data exchange is the API technology.

Scale your EV charging business with AMPECO

Business needs can change quickly in response to rapid developments in the EV charging market. Sooner rather than later, you will need additional capabilities beyond the core functionalities of an EV charging management system.

This is why at AMPECO, we have put API technology at the core of our CPMS software solution. Our API-driven platform allows us to create unique business value by simplifying and expanding how you connect with your partners, utilities, charging stations, or other solution providers and potentially monetize your data. We know this first-hand from supporting customers in over 45 markets to achieve their business goals.

We understand that every business is different

Talk to our EV charging experts about your company’s needs and challenges, and let us demonstrate how AMPECO’s EV charging management solution can help you achieve your goals and set you up for long-term success


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