AMPECO is pleased to announce its active involvement in the ChargeX Consortium, an initiative led by the US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. The consortium aims to enhance the reliability and usability of public EV charging infrastructure, ultimately improving the customer experience.

The ChargeX Consortium is spearheaded by three esteemed National Laboratories: Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). These laboratories, along with AMPECO and other prominent industry leaders, form a powerhouse of collective intelligence and innovation.

As a leading global charging management platform provider, AMPECO brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the consortium. We are committed to collaborating with industry stakeholders to address the market’s pain points and shape the US regulatory landscape. Key focus areas include addressing payment and user-interface issues, enhancing communication between EVs, chargers, and charging networks, and overcoming diagnostics limitations. 

AMPECO actively contributes to the 3 ChargeX working groups

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AMPECO has joined all three work streams within the consortium, focusing on key areas critical to advancing the charging experience:

1. Defining the charging experience

In Working Group 1, which focuses on defining the charging experience, AMPECO will help identify and prioritize customer pain points related to EV charging. By defining and publishing key performance indicators (KPIs), the consortium aims to measure the charging network’s performance and set meaningful targets to improve the customer experience.

2. Reliability and Usability

In Working Group 2, Reliability and Usability, AMPECO will share its expertise to understand the root causes of problems that hinder successful charging on public chargers. Special attention on our end will be given to payment and user interface issues and communication between EVs, chargers, and cloud services. Through this collaboration, interim and permanent solutions will be sought to enhance the reliability and usability of EV chargers.

3. Solutions for Scaling Reliability

In Working Group 3, Solutions for Scaling Reliability, AMPECO will contribute to efforts aimed at rapidly improving charger reliability and usability. The consortium seeks to overcome diagnostic limitations and enable industry-wide sharing of error codes and diagnostic definitions. By reducing communication failures between EVs, EVSEs, and charging networks, the consortium aims to ensure seamless charging experiences as the EV market grows.

A collective effort for better EV charging

“We are thrilled to join the National Charging Experience Consortium and work alongside industry leaders, national laboratories, and consumer advocates to enhance the charging experience for all EV users. By pooling our collective knowledge and expertise, we can tackle the challenges faced by customers and drive the adoption of electric vehicles across the nation.”

Petar Georgiev, Head of Strategic Alliances at AMPECO

AMPECO will actively engage across all working groups and task forces, collaborating with subject-matter experts to share valuable insights, data, and recommendations. Together, we aspire to identify both short-term and long-term solutions and publish best practices that will benefit the entire EV industry.

Joining the National Charging Experience Consortium aligns perfectly with AMPECO’s mission to drive innovation and improve the charging experience for EV users. Participating in this pioneering effort solidifies our position as a reliable partner dedicated to understanding and addressing market pain points.

To learn more about the National Charging Experience Consortium and our involvement, please visit Together, let’s shape the future of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and create a more sustainable tomorrow.


Sasha Kostov

Copywriting Lead

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