Orlin Radev, CEO of AMPECO EV Charging Platform, will participate in Hubject’s annual conference –  InterCharge Network Conference (ICNC) 2020. He is going to share AMPECO industry knowledge in EV charging management and sustainable business models in EV charging businesses.

The conference has attracted global thought-leaders and decision-makers from the mobility, energy, and software industries. All of them will be thinking about the challenges and opportunities facing the mobility world of tomorrow from every possible angle.

Innovation leaders will gather together in Berlin for two days – 17 and 18 September 2020. The venue of the conference will be Euref Campus in Berlin, Germany.

All speakers, thought leaders, e-mobility start-ups, and other participants will meet creative formats and present a glimpse of the eMobility world of tomorrow from their perspectives with a fully-fledged two-day program, top-class keynotes, and workshops for participants of all levels.

The topics in the conference include:

  • The current state of eMobility;
  • Commercial vehicles – The big opportunity for sustainable mobility future;
  • OICP 2.3 next level EV charging – Why this is the next eRoaming protocol version you should implement?
  • The charging experience – Success factor in the electric era;
  • eMobility 2025 – Trends and Technologies;
  • The growth of institutional funding in EV Charging Infrastructure – An unprecedented opportunity;
  • Commercial vehicles/fleets –Decarbonizing the commercial vehicle sector: needs and requirements for an integrated eFleet ecosystem;
  • International eMobility charging business – Lessons learned on internationalizing EV Charging business models – how to set up a scalable European business model;
  • Future of fast charging.

Watch InterCharge Conference 2019 After movie to get first impressions for the upcoming event this week.

Don’t forget to connect with AMPECO CEO, Orlin Radev, who will attend the conference for the full two days and talk with him on how you can use our EV Charging management platform and start your EV Charging business.


Alexander Petkov

Strategic Business Development Manager

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