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Poland’s Incentives For EV Charging Infrastructure - With over 50,000 electric vehicles and 4,400 charging points, Poland's sustainable transport sector is in the early stages of development. Despite being one of the largest markets for both light and heavy-duty transportation, only four zero-emission units were registered out of 30,000 vehicles with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3.5 tons in 2021. The potential for growth in this sector is immense, and Poland's unique position, including being a leading global lithium-ion battery manufacturer, offers promising investment opportunities. As of June 2022, Poland boasts 644 DC charging stations, representing 29% of the European average. The country is actively working towards expanding its public charging infrastructure, with a focus on different power ranges. The number of public charging stations and electric cars per charging point reflects Poland's commitment to building a well-distributed and efficient charging network.