A unique event at a critical time

The way we produce and consume energy is changing. Governments worldwide have pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. As energy prices skyrocket and Europe grapples with an energy security crisis heightened by the war in Ukraine, these targets are becoming increasingly urgent.

This urgency causes enormous challenges for sectors that produce and consume energy transitioning to low emission or zero-emission alternatives while keeping costs down. New business models, technologies, funding mechanisms, and policy incentives will be vital to achieving a sustainable future.

The SPARK conference in London on 21-22 June will confront these challenges head-on. By bringing together senior leaders from across power generation, energy transmission and distribution, utilities, government, and the transportation industries, 350 speakers and thousands of attendees from across Europe will join the discussion on how to accelerate the energy transition of the future.

The 8 key themes covered at the conference will include:

  • new business models
  • digital innovation
  • flexible grids
  • decarbonizing transport
  • power innovation
  • decarbonizing buildings
  • energy management
  • hydrogen and green gas

Energy reimagined

Electricity demand from EV charging is expected to grow by 30% annually. Energy specialists are confident that the grid will cope with the exponential demand from EV drivers. However, it is the unpredictable peaks in demand from simultaneous charging by EV drivers which could potentially destabilize and disrupt grid operations.

AMPECO offers a white-label EV charging management platform that empowers energy companies, charge point operators, and mobility providers to launch and scale an EV charging business and build tailored solutions on top of our platform to meet their specific needs.. 

AMPECO’s platform addresses relevant EV charging challenges, especially in energy management. Smart energy management can reduce grid stress, reduce investments in upgrading grid infrastructures and mitigate potential disruptions. The platform can seamlessly integrate with smart meters, building management systems, and renewable energy sources to maximize efficiency. It enables smart charging, allowing EV charging to occur when the grid has a surplus capacity or reduced demand by using algorithms to read grid load and shift demand. While hardware plays a vital role in power management, significant challenges require smart software solutions.

AMPECO at Spark 2022

SPARK provides the critical arena for innovators and leaders in the energy sector to debate and shape the future of the energy transition. AMPECO will join over 100 companies exhibiting their cutting-edge solutions that aim to revolutionize the industry. 

We would love to speak with you if represent an energy utility, distribution system operator (DSO), transmission system operator (TSO), power developer, or emobility provider.
Connect with our team via Linkedin to arrange a meeting during the event and join us at booth number 12.

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