It was with the message “Energy is evolving and so are we” that Enlit Europe 2021 brought together established industry innovators and disruptors to spark collaboration in solving the most pressing energy-related challenges.

As first time exhibitors and presenters, we had a blast! We found it important to be present among the companies leading the energy transition, considering AMPECO’s role in the sector. Attending gave us the opportunity to showcase our technology and solution, as well as explore the latest trends in our wider ecosystem and interesting industry partnerships.  We’ve come back with renewed enthusiasm.

AMPECO selected among the five most competitive scale-ups in digital and energy

Initiate is a global platform that empowers the next generation of energy entrepreneurs by providing opportunities for cutting-edge startups to collaborate. At Enlit, Initiate together with Eurelectric, The Disruption House and InitiateTech, invited energy scale-ups in a panel discussion to showcase their solutions to the challenges facing the energy sector. AMPECO was proudly selected as one of only 5 companies on this panel.

We took this opportunity to illustrate how our EV charging platform enables the ecosystem around us to deliver added value in terms of optimised operations and revenue across all use cases – be it charging for home, fleet or public. 

The other startups discussed the maintenance of power generation assets via AI, blockchain energy commodity trading, and the reduction of the renewable energy curtailment.

Accelerating the adoption of emerging smart energy tech

We were happy to share strategic insights into how to navigate the energy transition from the perspective of an EV charging management platform

Photo of Stefan Ivanov - Chief Revenue Officer - AMPECO
Our product is very well positioned in the nexus of energy and mobility, answering key challenges for both businesses and end consumers.
Stefan Ivanov
Chief Revenue Officer

It was wonderful to finally meet faces we had only seen through the screen and fully engage in conversations. Such discussions with companies that drive the mobility transformation are essential and are key for the successful roll-out of EV charging everywhere – at home, at the office and in public locations.

Moving forward, together

The 3 days at Enlit were really buzzing and full of action! Let us all continue the conversation and collaborate to solve the challenges in our industry with innovative and sustainable solutions. 

We thank the organisers from Enlit Europe 2021 for bringing everyone together in these challenging times.

See you all next year!


Petar Georgiev

Head of Strategic Alliances & Sustainability

About the author

Petar is at the forefront of pioneering the green energy transition, driving progress through strategic partnerships and innovative e-mobility solutions.