AMPECO is the event partner of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Virtual Summit this year. 

The event will take place in a virtual environment on 10th and 11th June 2021.

Orlin Radev – Speaker at Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Virtual Summit 2021

On the first day of the conference, you will be able to attend the presentation of Orlin Radev, CEO of AMPECO. He will talk about the business models for CPOs and eMSPs with home charging. The session will be a deep dive into the following topics:

  • Where EV drivers charge and how much charging happens at home/residential;
  • How CPOs can benefit by addressing the home charging market;
  • Use cases of home and residential charging for eMSPs;
  • Examples from Europe and the UK;
  • Future trends that would shape the residential EV charging market.

You can reserve your place for the session on this link.

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Virtual Summit

During the two-day conference thought leaders and industry experts will share insights on today’s technologies and tomorrow’s solutions for smart charging, investment needs and business models for e-mobility. You will be able to learn more about the latest trends in e-mobility, EV charging and what are the new updates on the Charging Infrastructure Market.

The topics during the conference also include:

  • Charging Infrastructure Market: Update and Transformation;
  • Future trends and market considerations for EV fleet conversion; 
  • How many chargers will the EU need and how can it bridge the gap? 
  • The grid market impact of EV charging and Vehicle-to-Grid;
  • Home charging for electric vehicles;
  • The need for the fast public infrastructure, the economics of this as well as the sustainable business model for EV charging;
  • Charging of commercial/logistic vehicles, and the challenges it has for charging infrastructure;
  • Electric heavy-duty trucks are here to stay and what that means for the energy sector;
  • DC Fast Charging, a pre-requisite for the mass transition to electric mobility;
  • V2G technology to provide stability and flexibility in the electric low voltage grid – use cases and business model;
  • Electric Ridesharing: Challenges and Opportunities;

A full list of speakers is available here.

The attendees will have the opportunity to network with experts, speakers and exhibitors in a specially dedicated online platform for the event featuring a mobile app.

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