AMPECO joins for a second year in a row the World EV Day – the global movement for driving change in the mobility sector.

AMPECO joins #EVGO pledge at World EV Day 2021

AMPECO at World EV Day 2021

World EV Day 2021 is a day of celebration of e-mobility and a day to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes. It highlights and promotes the role of electric vehicles in the move to net-zero and decarbonisation.

For World EV Day 2021, AMPECO commits to cleaner air, lower emissions, and a more sustainable future. We signed the #GOEV pledge and committed to electrifying our corporate fleet. Earlier this year, we made the first steps and introduced employee benefits that contribute to cleaner transportation goals.

We encourage all our clients, partners and friends to sign the pledge today and help the whole EV ecosystem drive forward a better tomorrow.

AMPECO’s mission and how we enable sustainable transportation

Our electric vehicle charging management platform promotes the intelligent utilisation of energy in the charging process, which ultimately brings benefits in the fight against climate change. We focus to a significant extent on deploying our product in homes and buildings and for use by large vehicle fleets. In this way, AMPECO enables cities and societies to become more sustainable places to live with increasingly more electric vehicles.

To this end, operators are actively scaling their charging infrastructure portfolios. AMPECO’s back-end platform has proven suitable for exponential growth while providing useful tools for drivers and businesses alike. The flexibility enabled on а greater scale with multiple locations and appliances is a major factor in the energy-mobility nexus. This will most definitely be required with the wider deployment of renewable energy sources.

Petar Georgiev, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at AMPECO
Creating a cleaner environment for the generations to come will require us to have every single day to become #worldevday very soon – and this must happen in a sustainable and affordable fashion with solutions for every driver.
Petar Georgiev
Head of Strategy and Partnerships

AMPECO team and our EV fleet

In 2021, our team has grown to 40+ members, and we are now actively recruiting more ambitious professionals to join us for the open positions in all departments. To help us achieve our company mission and goals towards cleaner mobility, we decided to provide AMPECO team members with access to electric vehicles as means of transportation.

EV Week

Each team member has access to a pool of electric vehicles, which our local EV rental partners provide. They can pick a week of their choice and use the electric car for professional and personal use. People at AMPECO enjoy the EV Week perk because it allows them to use sustainable transportation in the city and cross country trips and vacations.

Shared mobility cars and scooters

In addition to the EV Week, our teammates can benefit from using company available credits for shared mobility means of transport. They can choose from a wide range of electric cars and e-scooters for their everyday transportation, whether it is used for visiting our headquarters office in Sofia or any other city location.

Fully electric AMPECO teambuilding in 2021

The fully electric mindset is at the heart of all things we do at AMPECO. This year we organised our annual summer team building, and we made sure that anyone was travelling with an EV. Let’s rewind some great memories from the team building and the fun we had driving the electric vehicles in the mountain.

Happy World EV Day from our team at AMPECO!

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