As the world continues to grapple with environmental challenges, the importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility has taken center stage. Businesses worldwide are reevaluating their practices and embracing sustainability like never before, actively seeking ways to align their operations with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. 

In EV charging, AMPECO enables businesses to achieve their ESG objectives effectively. Through its robust and flexible EV charging management platform, AMPECO equips charge point operators with the necessary tools to launch and scale their EV charging operations, driving positive environmental and social impact.

The transition towards emission-free mobility requires adequate charging infrastructure underpinned by comprehensive software that serves EV drivers, businesses, and grids. With AMPECO’s white-label, hardware-agnostic platform, hassle-free charging becomes a reality for thousands of customers across all charging use cases. Our platform powers more than 65,000 charging points as of March 2023, providing a seamless experience for EV drivers at home, at the workplace, or in the public domain.

Empowering energy efficiency

Sustainable energy consumption lies at the core of ESG goals. As such, our platform offers a range of energy-related functionalities that allow businesses to optimize their charging infrastructure. 

One of the key features provided by AMPECO is advanced load management capabilities. By intelligently distributing the charging load across stations, AMPECO ensures the efficient utilization of available energy resources. This reduces strain on the grid and promotes the use of renewable energy sources, making a tangible impact on sustainability.

AMPECO’s smart charging algorithms further enhance energy optimization. By analyzing charging patterns and electricity demand, charging stations can be optimized to leverage off-peak electricity rates. This allows businesses to capitalize on cost savings while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint associated with charging operations. Smart charging algorithms can also work in tandem with solar-generated power, further reducing reliance on the grid.

Moreover, AMPECO provides real-time monitoring and reporting functionalities, offering businesses invaluable insights into their energy consumption patterns. With this comprehensive data at their fingertips, charge point operators can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to further optimize their charging infrastructure. By continuously monitoring energy usage, they can proactively identify inefficiencies, implement energy-saving measures, and effectively manage their environmental impact.

Fostering equity and access: Creating a fair and inclusive charging landscape

Promoting equity and access for all, regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic location, is one of the key pillars of ESG. As the transportation industry transforms, it is essential to prioritize true equity and prevent the exacerbation of existing inequality gaps.

EV drivers without home garages often miss out on the cost-saving benefits of charging at home during off-peak hours. With AMPECO, we bridge that gap by offering dynamic tariffs for on-street public charging. By mirroring the pricing structure that drivers with home garages typically enjoy, we ensure that those without private charging facilities can access affordable charging options. This helps create a level playing field and empowers all EV drivers to make financially informed decisions.

The platform’s robust payments and billing module offers a wide range of flexible payment methods to enhance inclusivity. EV drivers can conveniently pay for charging services using various options, including credit or debit cards, mobile apps, contactless payment, or subscription-based models. This flexibility ensures easy access eliminating barriers to entry and promoting equitable participation.

Transparency is another key element in promoting equity. With AMPECO, charge point operators can clearly display pricing information at charging stations and provide real-time access to detailed pricing through the mobile app or website. This transparent pricing approach empowers drivers to make informed decisions, enabling them to budget effectively and choose charging options that align with their financial capabilities. 

Ensuring security, trust and accountability

At AMPECO, we understand the paramount importance of security and responsibility within the EV charging ecosystem. As a testament to our commitment, our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is ISO certified adhering to the strictest requirements and best practices to ensure the highest level of data security.

Beyond data security, AMPECO ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, maintaining the highest levels of integrity and accountability. Using our platform, charge point operators are able to meet local regulations such as NEVI, UK EVSCP, Eichrecht, and the California pricing requirement by providing easy access to charging station data, allowing for real-time monitoring and reporting and flexible pricing options.

EV charging with an impact

At AMPECO, we are driven by a shared vision of a greener, more inclusive future. By leveraging our holistic solution, you can accelerate your ESG goals, promote sustainable practices, and contribute to e-mobility.

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our pledge to the UN Race to Zero campaign in 2021. We have set our sights on becoming climate neutral by 2030, and we are actively measuring the carbon intensity of our operations and placing measures to optimize resource consumption across our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions (132tCO2e in 2022). 

Furthermore, we take pride in the environmental impact enabled by our platform. Through smart charging capabilities offered to our clients, we calculate the tCO2eq offset, which amounted to nearly 3200tCO2e in 2022 alone. This significant reduction in emissions demonstrates our dedication to fostering sustainable practices within the e-mobility sector.

Sustainability at AMPECO can be defined as the ability to operate and grow our business in a manner that is economically, socially, and environmentally responsible while meeting the needs of our present and future customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

Read more in our 2022 Sustainability Report

AMPECO Sustainability Report cover

Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to promoting sustainable business practices and minimizing our environmental impact. Our annual sustainability report outlines our strategy for sustainable business growth and provides transparency on our environmental footprint.

We empower businesses with the necessary tools to launch and scale their EV charging operations and provide them with an end-to-end climate-friendly solution. Find out more about how AMPECO can help you with your sustainability goals.


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