On Wednesday, 9th September, we celebrate World EV Day. It is a global movement that celebrates e-mobility. The campaign’s primary goal is to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport and bring policy, business, and consumer outcomes.

‍AMPECO joins the World EV Day, and we signed the pledge to commit to cleaner air, lower emissions, and a more sustainable future.

“Transitioning to electric vehicles is not about being modern or up-to-date with technology. It is about moving towards a sustainable future of mobility, which lowers our impact on the environment and ensures a better future for all of us. I see technology as an enabling factor for achieving a fast and efficient transition to low-carbon transportation, and I am enthusiastic about the progress that I not just witness, but we all get to be part of, with AMPECO.”

Orlin Radev, CEO of AMPECO

AMPECO’s mission is to enable our customers to launch and grow a business in EV charging. We believe that providing future-proof software to charge point operators, charge point installers, fleet and car parking operators and others, will contribute to the transition to greener means of transport and reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions.

In addition to the environmental benefits, driving an electric vehicle has several significant advantages than conventional petrol/diesel cars:

  • Significantly lower running costs – about one third the price for one kilometer as buying petrol/diesel;
  • Lower maintenance costs – battery electric vehicles(BEVs) have only one moving part – the rotor – and battery manufacturers usually offer up to 8 years warranty.
  • Other savings – from registration fees, paid parking zones, etc.

World EV Day is partnering with Green.TV and EV Summit and together they host high-level business and policy events, bringing the world’s e-mobility leaders together to discuss the critical narratives driving electrification and sustainable transport forwards.

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