Electric vehicles (EVs) have burst onto the scene, and they’re not just a glimpse into the future – they’re the present. Glendale Water and Power (GWP) is embracing this EV revolution by rolling out a range of programs and services to make EV ownership and charging more accessible than ever.

GWP is committed to empowering its community to make the transition to electric mobility. Here’s a glimpse of GWP’s EV charging programs.

1. Residential EV Charging Station Rebate

  • Standard Rebates:
    • Non-Networked Charger: $200
    • Networked/Wi-Fi Charger: $599
    • With Electric Panel Upgrade: Additional $800
  • For Glendale Care Program Enrollees:
    • Non-Networked Charger: $300
    • Networked/Wi-Fi Charger: $700
    • With Electric Panel Upgrade: Additional $1,000

This program offers rebates to residential customers who install an electric vehicle charging station at home. It’s an excellent incentive to make your home EV-ready. Check out the application here.

2. Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate

This initiative extends rebates to commercial and multi-family building customers who install EV charging stations on their properties. Base rebates are the lesser of $50,000 or 50% of the total project cost. However, certain criteria can make you eligible for even greater incentives:

  • Projects serving low-income residents
  • Projects in disadvantaged communities
  • Projects at non-profit organizations
  • Projects with publicly accessible EV charging stations
  • Projects with DC fast chargers (50 kW or greater)

These incentives are designed to encourage the proliferation of charging infrastructure where it’s needed most. Discover more about the program here.

3. Off-Peak EV Charging Rebate Program

For Glendale EV drivers looking to charge their vehicles strategically, the Off-Peak EV Charging Rebate program offers a monthly incentive of $12. Simply charge your EV overnight on weekdays between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. and anytime on the weekend. This program is open to all battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners in Glendale. Learn more and apply here.

The EV landscape is evolving, and Glendale is taking the lead in electrifying its community. With these programs and incentives, GWP is making it easier and more appealing than ever to make the switch to electric, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or cycling enthusiast. Glendale is electrifying – are you ready to join the charge?

Rebate applications will be accepted subject to availability of funds.


Ivelina Kadiri

Policy Compliance Manager

About the author

Ivelina is a trend-seeking policy compliance manager who skillfully navigates complex regulatory landscapes and bridges the gap between sustainable transportation goals and actionable implementation.