AMPECO’s integration with Octopus Energy encourages the dynamic electricity pricing model. This integration plays a significant role in enabling charge point operators and EV drivers in the UK to reduce their expenses and carbon footprint.

Octopus Energy is a pivotal player in the UK’s shift toward greener energy practices. With its tentacles wrapped tightly around eco-friendly energy solutions, the company’s dedication to providing 100% renewable energy sets the standard for what it means to power lives and businesses sustainably.  

Octopus Energy distinguishes itself not only through its exceptional service but also for creating tailor-made solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within the energy and EV charging sectors. 

A glimpse into the eco-friendly solutions that set Octopus apart 

Octopus Energy offers tailored energy tariffs for cost-effective charging and supports their customers with renewable energy options to power their vehicles in an eco-friendly way. Through our integration with Octopus, we offer a suite of dynamic electricity tariffs, catering to the modern needs of CPOs and EV owners:

EV Charging Tariffs:

  • Intelligent Octopus: With Intelligent Octopus, EV drivers can ensure their cars are charged with the greenest energy available from 11:30 pm. to 5:30 am. Customers can save up to £600 annually with this green tariff, catering to home energy needs during the off-peak window. This tariff, compatible with over 280 EV models, requires a smart meter and is controlled via an intuitive app.
  • Octopus Go: Octopus Go is a specialized tariff offering very low rates for overnight charging. Customers need a compatible smart meter and an EV with a home charger. The process involves a simple switch with no extra installation costs, and once smart meter connectivity is confirmed, the tariff is activated upon agreeing to the terms via email. 

Solar and Battery Tariffs:

  • Octopus Flux: Octopus flux is designed for those who want to consume energy in a smart and environmentally friendly way while also contributing energy back into the grid. Tailored for homeowners with solar panels and battery storage, this tariff facilitates the consumption and export of 100% green energy and is compatible with all solar and battery systems. It optimizes energy usage by offering very low rates from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., encouraging battery charging when demand is low. It features peak rates from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., ideal for exporting excess energy back to the grid.

Other tariffs:

  • Agile Octopus: Agile Octopus offers half-hourly energy prices aligned with wholesale rates, allowing customers to save money when prices are low. With its unique Plunge Pricing, customers can even earn money back by using electricity during times of excess grid supply.  It incentivizes users to shift electricity usage away from peak hours, rewarding them for contributing to a greener grid.

Strategies for CPOs to leverage Octopus energy tariffs

Charge point operators are at a strategic vantage point to exploit the innovative tariffs provided by Octopus Energy. Here’s how:

Adopt time-of-use (ToU) charging tariffs

By implementing ToU tariffs, you can offer dynamic electricity rates that reflect the real-time market. These rates not only encourage EV drivers to charge during off-peak hours, benefiting from lower costs, but also help balance the grid load, which is crucial for the infrastructure’s longevity.

Implement strategic markups

You can add markups on top of Octopus’s selected electricity rates, establishing a dynamic pricing strategy that balances competitive pricing with operational profitability. This method not only cushions against the price volatilities in energy markets and shifts in regulations but also allows for agile adjustments to pricing based on real-time demand. 

Incorporate renewable generation incentives

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a program that pays customers for the renewable electricity they generate and put into the grid. With the Smart Export Guarantee, CPOs can promote the use of renewable energy sources like solar PV panels or wind turbines. By encouraging EV drivers to generate renewable energy and sell the excess, CPOs can enhance their sustainability profile and offer added value to customers. Additionally, integrating renewable installations like solar panels can help CPOs expand their offerings, expand their niche, enhance their business model, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Green energy meets innovative pricing

AMPECO’s integration with Octopus Energy fosters a flexible pricing structure that benefits charge point operators and EV drivers alike. Octopus Energy commits to 100% renewable energy and offers dynamic electricity tariffs like Intelligent Octopus, Octopus Go, and Octopus Flux, which cater to varied customer needs from smart EV charging to optimized solar and battery use. CPOs can capitalize on these tariffs and others to offer versatile charging solutions, promote renewable energy production, and drive the transition to a cleaner, smarter energy landscape.


Aleksandar Petkov

Product Marketing Manager

About the author

Alex is a highly skilled product marketing manager who transforms technical features into actionable insights, empowering CPOs to unlock the full potential of our platform.