We are excited to present a compelling case study that highlights the transformative power of strategic partnerships in the EV charging industry. This study focuses on Elaway, one of our prominent clients, as we explore their journey to becoming one of Europe’s leading charge point operators serving housing associations.

Elaway’s vision and strategy

At the core of Elaway’s growth strategy is an unwavering focus on developing advanced, scalable technological solutions tailored for residential EV charging. Their comprehensive service portfolio covers planning, installation, billing, and maintenance, establishing Elaway as the preferred partner for installers, decision-makers, and end-users alike.

Elaway already powers 135,000+ housing association parking spaces across Norway, Sweden, and Germany. Now, they’re charging towards a bold goal: becoming Europe’s largest CPO specializing in residential EV charging solutions.

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Navigating challenges and strategic shifts

Like many industry pioneers, Elaway initially faced challenges in defining its market focus and business model. Founded in 2019, Elaway skillfully used Norway’s advanced EV market as a testing ground to perfect its product and market approach. Leveraging these market insights, the company recognized the immense potential within residential EV charging and pivoted its strategy to concentrate exclusively on this segment.

At the time, existing EV charging management platforms were primarily designed for public charging scenarios and couldn’t support the required “one charger, one user” setup more suited to the residential EV charging use case. Elaway’s initial attempt to develop its own Charging Point Management System (CPMS) proved challenging due to the extensive expertise and resources required. However, this experience helped them clearly define their CPMS selection criteria for both technology and business needs.

Seeking the ideal EV charging management provider

Elaway sought a software solution that encompassed functionalities tailored for residential use cases, such as monthly billing cycles, dynamic pricing, and custom user onboarding steps in the EV driver mobile applications. These features aimed to simplify the experience for EV drivers and offered enhanced control and potential cost savings through dynamic pricing models. By implementing a post-paid subscription model, Elaway aimed to provide drivers with peace of mind, ensuring they always paid the most competitive rates.

Moreover, Elaway prioritized brand building through a white-label software solution that supported their strategy to appeal to three primary target groups: installers, housing associations, and EV drivers. Compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks in key markets such as Germany and Sweden was also a critical requirement among others.  

The AMPECO advantage

In their pursuit of scalable solutions and operational excellence, Elaway found a trusted ally in AMPECO. As a specialized software partner renowned for its expertise in EV charging management, AMPECO provided Elaway with a robust technological backbone. This partnership proved instrumental in overcoming initial hurdles, driving Elaway towards its ambitious market leadership and operational efficiency goals.

Explore the full scope of this partnership in our detailed case study. Gain invaluable insights into how AMPECO empowered Elaway to overcome industry challenges and grow in the competitive landscape of EV charging.


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