The Norwegian government has recently updated Strømstøtte, the national electricity subsidy program. The program has undergone significant changes that came into effect on September 1st, 2023, aimed at improving the reliability and predictability of the services offered to households across the nation. For charge point operators (CPOs), particularly those working with Housing Associations, complying with these changes is an opportunity to add value to their services. Leveraging the AMPECO platform, CPOs can effectively navigate the recent changes and derive maximum benefits from the Strømstøtte subsidy.

What are the key changes in the Strømstøtte subsidy?

  • Hour-by-hour calculation: The subsidy calculation has shifted from a monthly average price model to an hourly-based approach. This change means that the subsidy is calculated based on the actual spot prices of electricity, providing a more accurate subsidy that closely aligns with the actual expenses incurred by consumers.
  • Increased level of support: The government has increased the subsidy level to cover 90% of the electricity price exceeding 70 øre per kWh. This substantial support is extended throughout the year, not just in winter months, offering significant relief to households during periods of high electricity prices.
  • Extension to 2024: Recognizing the continuing volatility in energy prices, the government has extended the duration of the Strømstøtte scheme until 2024. 

Aligning AMPECO’s platform with Strømstøtte subsidy requirements

In response to the Norwegian government’s updated Strømstøtte scheme, AMPECO’s platform handles the new subsidy calculations, ensuring EV drivers benefit from the government’s increased electricity support while charging.

Automated calculation and integration

The cornerstone of AMPECO’s response to these changes is its ability to automatically fetch the hourly spot price of energy from Nord Pool, a leading energy market data provider. This feature is critical, as the subsidy now depends on these hourly prices exceeding the 70 øre threshold. The platform calculates the subsidy for each charging session that qualifies and is also displayed on each receipt on a separate line.

Detailed subsidy displayed on receipts

Understanding the importance of transparency in billing, AMPECO ensures that the amount of government subsidy is itemized on each receipt. This line item clearly shows the subsidy applied for each charging session, providing clarity to EV drivers. If a charging session does not qualify for a subsidy (i.e., the electricity price is below the threshold), this is communicated via a note at the bottom of the receipt, ensuring that drivers are well-informed.

Image of receipt with the Strømstøtte subsidy

The features powering the new Norwegian subsidy 

The AMPECO platform has introduced a new functionality to support this specific use case. It allows charge point operators to input parameters like Threshold price” and “Compensation rate,” which can be easily updated to adapt to future changes in Norwegian legislation. Operators can customize receipt text, improving communication with EV drivers when the subsidy is enabled.

The platform uses a consistent formula to calculate subsidies across most of Norway, except for Bidding area NO4, which is exempt from VAT. The formula is:

Subsidy = Compensation rate * (Hourly spot price in the area – Threshold price) * VAT

The parameters used in the formula are the Compensation rate (90%), Threshold price (70 øre), VAT (25%), and the hourly spot price, which is the price for energy in the bidding area for a given hour.

The benefits of embracing the Strømstøtte subsidy with AMPECO

One of the main advantages of using AMPECO is that the platform automatically calculates the government subsidy based on real-time energy prices, saving CPOs time and effort.

As the Norwegian government may revise subsidy parameters over time, AMPECO’s platform allows easy adjustments to the compensation rate, threshold price, and VAT. This flexibility guarantees that CPOs can swiftly respond to any legislative alterations.

Enhanced transparency for EV drivers 

AMPECO automates the subsidy calculation and application process, making it effortless for EV drivers to receive government subsidies. Another significant benefit for EV drivers is that their charging session receipts clearly display the subsidy information. This transparency promotes trust and educates drivers about the benefits they receive through the subsidy.


The core strength of AMPECO lies in its ability to simplify what could otherwise be a complex and daunting task. By seamlessly integrating with the latest changes in the Strømstøtte scheme, the platform ensures CPOs can maintain compliance effortlessly. More importantly, this simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of functionality or transparency. Instead, AMPECO enhances the experience for EV drivers by providing clear, detailed information about the subsidies they receive, fostering a sense of trust and clarity in an industry where pricing often seems opaque.

We encourage charge point operators in Norway to explore the AMPECO platform and leverage its capabilities to align with the Norwegian government’s initiative. This is not just an opportunity to streamline your operations with the new Strømstøtte subsidy; it’s also a chance to enhance your service offerings, providing added value to your EV drivers.

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Aleksandar Petkov

Product Marketing Manager

About the author

Alex is a highly skilled product marketing manager who transforms technical features into actionable insights, empowering CPOs to unlock the full potential of our platform.