Welcome to part two of our B2B Partner and Site Host Management Series, where we explore the significance of comprehensive settlement reports within AMPECO’s EV charging management system. These reports are crucial in tracking revenue and managing financial relationships with partners and site hosts. If you want to learn more about setting up mutually beneficial business relationships with your partners, check out Part One.

Charge point operators (CPOs) strive to expand their EV charging business by collaborating with B2B clients and site hosts, which leads to an increase in the number of locations, chargers, and EV drivers within their network. To manage these expanding operations, CPOs need a centralized solution that can seamlessly track and consolidate the financial relationships with their partners. The Charge Point Management System (CPMS) emerges as the indispensable hub for all EV charging-related activities, providing CPOs with a comprehensive and real-time overview of their revenue and expenses. By equipping CPOs with detailed and timely information regarding the financial transactions generated through their B2B clients, the CPMS empowers charge point operators to make informed decisions that will drive their business forward.

Comprehensive revenue and expense tracking for your B2B client and site host partnerships

Track your revenue and expenses

In a dedicated menu in AMPECO’s platform, all your revenue and expense records are neatly listed in a table format, so you can track the money owed to you by your partners as well as the money you owe them based on your pre-established business relationships.  

Each revenue record provides detailed information about the charging session, including user details, session specifics, the generated revenue amount, and how it is divided based on the specific partner contract. 

Expenses include fixed monthly platform fees, set fees per AC or DC charger, charging sessions, and electricity tax reimbursements. An expense record is also created when partners add balance to their users accounts.

Easily see whether your partner has collected a reported revenue amount or if it is still pending collection from the EV driver. This visibility empowers you, as the CPO, to negotiate the amount owed to your partners at the end of the month, taking into account the revenue generated within the period as well as the portion that has been collected. 

Detailed revenue tracking image

Get a clear financial overview with settlement reports

In a separate menu called “Settlement reports,” you can see the list of all the financial reports related to your partners. Each settlement report gives you:

  • The aggregated total revenue and total expenses generated for the reported period
  • A detailed breakdown of every revenue generating transaction and every fee owed to you by the partner. To enhance transparency, the platform includes a “Collected for previous periods” table in the detailed breakdown section. This table displays amounts generated in previous months but collected during the current settlement period. 
  • The option to download the settlement report and use it report in your invoicing cycle, providing your partner with detailed information on what he owes you.
Settlement report image

Convenient filtering, exporting, and sharing features for enhanced data analysis

AMPECO’s EV charging management platform offers convenient filtering and exporting data features to facilitate further analysis. 

  • Filter revenue and expenses: Easily filter revenue and expenses by date, period, partner, origin, or currency, providing quick access to specific financial data for valuable insights and informed decision-making.
  • Filter settlement reports: Filter settlement reports by specific partner, allowing you to analyze and track their financial data with precision.
  • Export capability: Seamlessly export all revenue and expense records, empowering you to utilize the data in external tools or systems, facilitating financial analysis and reporting workflows.
  • Shareable reports: Download settlement reports in PDF format, enabling easy sharing with partners, integration into other systems for tracking, and ensuring clear communication and proper record-keeping.

Streamlined partner management for enhanced decision-making

With AMPECO’s centralized management of all partner business relationships, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a unified and streamlined solution to handle partner interactions. No more scattered communication or fragmented processes. Everything is seamlessly organized in one place, allowing you to breathe easier and focus on driving growth.

But that’s not all. Real-time data updates on monthly revenue and expenses enable you to make fast and informed decisions. You have your finger on the pulse of your financial transactions, making it possible to respond to market trends, adjust strategies as needed, and seize opportunities swiftly. In a fast-paced industry like EV charging, timely and informed decisions can make all the difference. This agility in decision-making is crucial for maximizing your revenue and optimizing business operations.

Let’s not forget about transparency. The AMPECO platform gives CPOs a crystal-clear view of the money collected from EV drivers for current and past periods. This level of transparency empowers you with the knowledge to manage your finances confidently, make strategic choices, and build strong partnerships. With our platform’s comprehensive visibility into revenue collection, you have the tools to confidently navigate your financial relationships with partners with ease and drive your business forward.

Final thoughts

In the ever-evolving world of EV charging, CPOs face the challenge of expanding their networks, nurturing strong partnerships, and managing complex financial relationships. AMPECO’s EV charging management platform rises to the occasion by providing a comprehensive solution that empowers CPOs to thrive in this dynamic landscape. With centralized partner management, real-time data updates, and unparalleled transparency, CPOs can forge powerful alliances, make agile decisions, and unlock new growth opportunities. 

Ready to optimize your revenue tracking and partner relationships?


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Product Marketing Manager

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