Welcome to Part 1 of our B2B Partner and Site Host Management Series. We will explore how to create partner profiles and tailor the settings and preferences within AMPECO’s EV charging management platform to optimize your operations and establish a seamless working relationship with your network of site hosts.

In Part 2, we discuss how to nurture business relationships with comprehensive settlement reports that provide real-time revenue and expense updates and transparent tracking of collected funds from EV drivers.

With the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure, charge point operators (CPOs) eagerly seek collaborations with diverse site hosts and B2B partners to expand their business presence. Just as the famous real estate saying emphasizes the importance of “location, location, location,” CPOs recognize that strategic partnerships in optimal locations are paramount. However, efficiently managing these relationships without a centralized solution can be a daunting task. That’s where the AMPECO platform steps in. AMPECO’s EV charging management platform empowers CPOs to attract B2B clients and site hosts, streamline partner relationships, and unlock new opportunities.

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Empowering collaborative growth 

Our platform’s comprehensive partner and site host management capabilities consolidate all your business connections into a single, centralized hub. You can easily create partner profiles for each site host or establish sub-operator profiles that efficiently manage multiple partners. Partners have direct login access to their profiles, enabling them to perform necessary tasks and actively manage their accounts.

A key feature is the ability to streamline revenue contracts. You can define fixed monthly fees, and revenue splits between you and your site hosts, ensuring a transparent and fair financial relationship. 

We empower your B2B partners and site hosts to manage tariffs and tariff groups for their charge points so that they can tailor their pricing strategies to their unique business models and cater to their target markets effectively. They can also set granular pricing, offering the flexibility to establish different rates per charge point or even per EVSE.

But that’s not all. We offer corporate billing for partners. By leveraging this feature, EV drivers can be billed directly on the partner’s account rather than their own. This expands the possibilities for targeted, tailored billing solutions, unlocking even greater opportunities for your partners and their network.

At AMPECO, we understand that your partners may need to invite or create additional users to manage their growing networks. That’s why our platform enables partners to easily add and manage users, allowing them to scale their operations.

Configuring partner capabilities, access, and billing

B2B Partner and Site Host Setup

The AMPECO platform simplifies setting up your B2B partners and site hosts by providing a user-friendly interface with various tabs that allow you to specify crucial details. Here you can easily input the partner’s name and commercial data, ensuring accurate identification of each partner in your network.

You can also specify administrative, technical, and billing contact persons for the partner by providing their email and phone information to establish clear lines of communication and ensure seamless collaboration.

We offer additional customization for partner management. You have the flexibility to enable specific features to enhance partner capabilities, such as:

  • Allow partners to create users directly from their backend account: This streamlines the user registration process, enabling partners to expand their user base efficiently.
  • Allow partners to add to users’ balance: Enabling balance additions empowers partners to supplement their users’ accounts, allowing them to access charging services seamlessly.
  • Grant partners the authority to control tariffs: Enabling partner tariff management allows for greater control over charge point pricing, including the option to manage tariff groups.
  • Streamline financial transactions: Your partners can be shown as suppliers on receipts, adding a professional touch to billing processes and enhancing transparency for EV drivers. Separate receipts are generated for each partner if end-users receive monthly receipts. In contrast, receipts for charging sessions paid via balance or other top-up methods will display your data instead.
  • Enhance technical support: Your partners can choose to receive notifications for charge point faults. These notifications will be sent to the partner’s designated technical contact email, ensuring prompt troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Activate corporate billing: Enable your partners to offer their users the convenience of charging their services directly to the partner account, eliminating the need for individual billing after each charging session. Corporate billing seamlessly incorporates the fees accumulated into the partner’s monthly settlement report, simplifying financial procedures.
  • Set corporate billing monthly limit: You can also set a monthly limit for corporate billing, preventing users from exceeding the allocated monthly amount, ensuring control over billing activities.
  • Define a corporate billing discount %: The corporate billing discount percentage discount is applied to the total amount of service fees for the partner’s users who choose corporate billing as their payment method. This feature offers additional incentives for partners within the network.
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Partner contracts 

The partner contract within the AMPECO platform defines the financial parameters of the relationship between you and your partners and site hosts. When setting up a contract, you can specify key details such as the contract name, start date, and end date to provide clarity on the contract’s duration, with the contract becoming effective from the first day of the selected month and expiring on the last day of the chosen month. The platform offers an auto-renewal option, ensuring the partnership continues if desired. Additionally, you can assign the contract to a specific partner you have already created in the backend, allowing for easy association and organization.

Access and Permissions

You can establish permissions and access levels for your partners when creating a new contract. This grants your partners specific capabilities to manage charging sessions, including remote control features such as starting/stopping sessions, unlocking connectors, triggering messages, setting charging profiles, and accessing composite schedules. Partners can be given the ability to start or stop reservations and reset charge points, enhancing their troubleshooting capabilities. Firmware updates can also be authorized, enabling partners to update the software version of the charge points efficiently.


The Revenue-Sharing tab provides essential options for setting up revenue sharing between the CPO and the partner. Here, you can define the partner’s share in percentage for AC and DC chargers, ensuring transparent and fair revenue distribution. Additionally, checkboxes allow for the customization of revenue-sharing rules. You can choose to exclude the connection fee from revenue sharing, ensuring that this fee remains entirely for you as the EV charging network operator. Another option enables the deduction of electricity costs before applying revenue-sharing rules, streamlining financial calculations.

You can reimburse your partner for electricity costs when this option is enabled. By checking the corresponding checkbox, partners not only receive their share of the revenue but also receive reimbursement for the cost of electricity.

Monthly platform fee

You can establish different pricing structures for the platform fee. Pricing can be set per charge point, AC EVSE, and DC EVSE, offering flexibility in aligning costs with specific charging infrastructure. It’s important to note that Value Added Tax (VAT) is excluded from the pricing options, ensuring clarity in financial calculations.

The benefits of integrated site host and partner management for CPOS

Leveraging the partner management capabilities of the AMPECO platform empowers you to expand your EV charging business across various locations and use cases.

  • Competitive Advantage in Partner Management: You can utilize the platform’s partner management features as a competitive advantage when approaching site hosts and potential B2B clients. You can win deals more effectively by highlighting the partner’s ability to have their own account with visibility and control over their charging business. This level of transparency and autonomy instills confidence in your site hosts, demonstrating a commitment to collaboration and empowering them to actively participate in managing their charging infrastructure.
  • Centralized Management for Peace of Mind: With the AMPECO platform, you can efficiently handle and oversee all partner interactions from a single, unified interface. This eliminates scattered communication channels and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Flexibility and Control over Partner Access: The ability to set limitations, choose options, and grant specific permissions gives you control over the dynamics of your partnerships. This level of customization allows you to tailor the platform to your specific needs and align it with your strategic objectives, fostering a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with partners.
  • Customizable Financial Arrangements: You can establish flexible partnerships and customizable financial arrangements with your partners by combining fixed fees and revenue-sharing options. This adaptability allows you to maximize revenue, accommodate partner preferences, and thrive in diverse market conditions.
  • Confidence in Business Expansion:  With comprehensive partner management, financial control, and operational visibility in AMPECO’s platform, you can confidently forge strong partnerships and expand your business across different locations, markets, and use cases.

Unlocking the power of partnerships

Building a robust EV charging network is not a solitary endeavor. It’s about fostering strong partnerships and cultivating relationships with site hosts to expand your reach and maximize your business potential. With the AMPECO platform’s comprehensive partner management features, charge point operators can attract a wide range of B2B clients, forge strong alliances and expand their footprint across diverse locations and use cases.

Imagine the possibilities: collaborative ventures with commercial fleet companies, real estate developers, or retail chains.By bringing together the expertise and resources of site hosts, your network flourishes, providing EV drivers with convenient charging options wherever they go.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our B2B Partner and Site Host Management Series.

With AMPECO, you’re not just building an EV charging network—you’re igniting a network of dynamic partnerships that fuel growth, drive sustainability, and move the future of mobility forward.


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