AMPECO is now a proud member of SDIA

In June 2022, AMPECO became a member of SDIA, the European platform for the creation of a sustainable digital economy. Founded in 2019 and co-based in Germany and the Netherlands, the SDIA is a nonprofit network of more than 90 members and partners working to catalyze the transition toward a global sustainable digital economy.

“Welcoming AMPECO as a member of the SDIA enables the Alliance to cover even more of the digital infrastructure value chain. SaaS providers in general, and specifically those who focus on unlocking less carbon-intensive solutions such as AMPECO through e-mobility, are key in creating customer demand for a sustainable digital infrastructure with less environmental impact.”

Daan Terpstra

Emerging digital technology is the driving force that shapes the scientific, industrial, and consumer revolutions. As such, it is one of the keys to solving our most pressing problems. The expansion of the digital economy already poses challenges for the environment, but limiting it is not an option. As a society, we must adapt the underlying digital infrastructure, reduce its environmental impact to zero, and ensure sustainable growth while ensuring it remains open and accessible.

SDIA’s Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

The SDIA brings together stakeholders from across industries and fields, both public and private, to realize its Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

The roadmap charts the way toward a sustainable digital economy by identifying the key priorities and challenges that must be solved. It enables every industrial actor to connect, benchmark, and deliver sustainability within their segment of the Digital Infrastructure value chain. 

SDIA’s Steering Groups are the primary tool used to advance their roadmap. Members within each Steering Group come together to focus on a specific technology, business model, or concept, addressing fundamental challenges and identifying solutions, initiatives, and areas for further research. Steering Groups facilitate multi-industry collaboration to implement actionable solutions.

AMPECO is currently involved in two Steering Groups:

  1. Defining the environmental footprint framework for server-side applications
  2. Tools and labels for energy-efficient software applications

AMPECO solidifies its sustainability efforts with SDIA

AMPECO is delighted to join the SDIA network of companies that want to improve their product footprint and offer transparency to their customers. As a leading EV charging management software provider, AMPECO is among the top companies driving the ongoing energy transition. As part of SDIA, we see opportunities for networking and establishing bilaterals with key players in the SaaS field.

Petar Georgiev
We at AMPECO are strongly committed to improving the sustainability of our organization from top to bottom. The carbon footprint of our software solution is an essential part of this endeavor and we are taking active measures to better optimize its operations. This will further empower our current and prospective partners to propel a truly sustainable EV charging business.
Petar Georgiev
Head of Strategy and Partnerships, AMPECO


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