AMPECO becomes a proud member of the Smart Electric Power Alliance

In June, AMPECO became a member of SEPA, a North American nonprofit organization that accelerates the electric power industry’s transition to a clean and modern energy future through education, research, standards, and collaboration. 

SEPA introduction

“Most US drivers have not yet adopted a default charging behavior – because they don’t yet own an EV. This presents a massive opportunity to influence customer charging habits in a way that maximizes benefit to the power sector without compromising driver convenience. The shift from passive to active managed charging, alongside the pairing of networked chargers with vehicle telematics-based programs is one step closer to a vehicle-to-grid future. We are excited to welcome AMPECO as a SEPA member.”

Garrett Fitzgerald
SEPA Senior Director of Electrification

SEPA is a well-established community of utilities, regulators, corporations, and government agencies that tackles decarbonization and facilitates the electricity industry’s transformation to clean energy. Its 1000+ industry members work together to create a carbon-free energy system that is safe, affordable, resilient, and equitable through cross-sectoral collaboration.

Since 1992, SEPA has helped electric stakeholders form solutions and strategies to their unique clean energy challenges. It sees three main pathways that can help provide the tools and resources needed to move the decarbonization of the electric power industry forward: 

Regulatory and Business Innovation

Utilities are integral to the energy system of the future. Regulatory innovation is needed to enable scalable deployment of clean energy technologies and together, utilities and regulators can ensure equitable and affordable access for all customers.

Grid Integration

Reducing the friction in grid modernization will accelerate clean energy. Creating a roadmap through standards, process, framework development, and implementation and planning is the starting point for achieving carbon reduction goals.


Electricity is increasingly becoming the energy of choice for industry, buildings, and transport as we progress towards decarbonizing our economies. Electrification is essential for achieving carbon reduction goals and a significant opportunity for utilities.

Electric Power Decarbonization

Across the United States, there is an active clean energy policy, with a growing focus on the overall decarbonization of the electric power sector. Popular policy approaches to electric decarbonization are renewable portfolio standards, clean energy standards, and emissions reduction targets. While individual states are at different stages of electric power decarbonization, the general trend across the U.S has been toward more aggressive targets – increasing emission reduction or clean energy goals and speeding up the time for achieving these. Within this context, utilities are setting their own ambitious emission reduction goals.

In order for the decarbonization of electric power to be successful, emerging players need to identify operational challenges, share best practices and create mutually beneficial solutions. SEPA bolsters these exchanges by gathering market players and setting up integrated resource planning to support utilities in these policies. 

AMPECO joins SEPA  - In June, AMPECO became a member of SEPA, a North American nonprofit organization that accelerates the electric power industry’s transition to a clean and modern energy future through education, research, standards, and collaboration. 

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AMPECO can accelerate EV charging across North America 

Electric transportation is central to the decarbonization journey and should not be looked at in silos. Ramping up EV charging capabilities across infrastructure use-cases requires a broader understanding of the main factors and prerequisites that facilitate a seamless and future-proof solution. AMPECO’s participation in SEPA will aim to emphasize the role of charging management platforms as a key enabler of the needed functionalities and features for the electricity system. 

With a key focus on connectivity, it is critically important to work towards charging optimization at the individual property level to lower costs. Similarly, chargers must integrate with the power system at the local and national levels by communicating demand-response events. It’s vital that local authorities and industry providers, like AMPECO, do their best to ensure future-proof solutions that will not slow down the pace of transport electrification.

Petar Georgiev
The increased roll-out of EVs brings immense opportunities to accelerate power system electrification in North America through the use of intelligent charging management platforms. The region has incredible growth ambition, requiring scalable, secure, and easy-to-integrate charging solutions for businesses and EV drivers alike.
Petar Georgiev
Head of Strategy and Partnerships, AMPECO

As part of SEPA, AMPECO looks forward to solidifying its collaboration with electric utilities and creating partnerships that accelerate the uptake of decarbonized energy solutions. 


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