Advancing Clean and Equitable Transportation

Earlier this month, AMPECO became a Premium Partner member of Forth Mobility, a US-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing equitable access to electric transportation.

Forth’s mission is to electrify transportation by bringing people together to create solutions that reduce barriers to access. They work in partnership with companies and organizations whose innovative technologies and advocacy build lasting programs and policy models that significantly expand equitable access to electric transportation in the US. This is why AMPECO believes in the added value for its customers through participating in Forth’s ecosystem.

Improved access to charging

AMPECO’s main area of involvement will be in the context of access to charging. Forth ensures public investments in charging are efficient, effective, and grounded in equity. EV owners largely charge at home because it is convenient, and they benefit from cheaper electricity rates when the power demand is lower. This requires solutions to overcome barriers to EV charging at multi-unit residential buildings. In July 2022, Forth released a MUD (multi-unit dwelling) Charging Toolkit designed to help residents, building managers, and owners navigate EV charging and assist them in developing on-site installations. 

Workplace charging also needs to be available, simple, and affordable. Forth’s Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL) Program provides a roadmap, resources, and certifications for organizations that increase the availability of charging at their worksites.

The Way Forth with AMPECO

Across the United States, there is a growing focus on electrifying transportation as the industry emits more carbon emissions than any other sector of the U.S. economy- approximately 29%. The Department of Energy (DOE) has committed to reaching President Biden’s goals of achieving net-zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.

To succeed, emerging players must identify operational challenges, share best practices and create mutually beneficial solutions. Forth bolsters these exchanges by gathering stakeholders from the utility, municipal, social service, nonprofit, technical, and research sectors to advance the electrification of transportation in underserved communities.

AMPECO’s participation in Forth will emphasize the role of charging management platforms as a key enabler of making charging faster and more accessible while maximizing benefits for the electrical grid.

Accelerating EV charging capabilities across infrastructure use cases requires a broader understanding of the main factors and prerequisites that facilitate a seamless and future-proof solution.

We look forward to working with other members and creating partnerships in the broader ecosystem, emphasizing equitable programs, policies, and projects to ensure new transportation technology reaches all communities.

Petar Georgiev - Head of Strategy and Partnerships - AMPECO
Our innovative software platform for managing charging networks is truly a result of identifying challenges and addressing the barriers to EV adoption. By joining Forth, we are glad to bring our European expertise from developing projects, particularly in multi-unit dwellings and at the workplace.
Petar Georgiev
Head of Strategic Alliances & Sustainability


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