AMPECO becomes a proud business member of Eurelectric

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On December 1, 2021, AMPECO became a business member of Eurelectric, the association representing the interests of 3,500 companies in power generation, distribution and supply across the European electric industry. Its members aim to tackle decarbonization, improve the competitiveness of the industry and provide effective representation in public affairs. By representing the power sector across 32 European countries, Eurelectric can draw on 1000+ industry experts to ensure policy positions and opinions reflect the most recent developments in the sector.

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We are delighted to have AMPECO join Eurelectric as a business member. They bring critical knowledge and expertise in the EV charging space and will help us accelerate the Electric Decade.
Bruce Douglas
Director of Business and Communications, Eurelectric, Eurelectric

Electric mobility is undergoing a massive transformation

Electricity is increasingly becoming the energy of choice for industry, buildings and transport as we progress towards the decarbonization of our economies. Electric mobility, a niche market a few years ago, has gathered momentum largely thanks to political regulation and is now undergoing a massive shift. Businesses and policymakers are compelled to rethink this industry and their roles in it. 

For any transition to be successful, it requires emerging players to identify operational challenges, share best practices and create mutually beneficial solutions. To bolster these exchanges, Eurelectric has launched the EVision Business Hub.  It gathers market players and facilitates political and industrial momentum for accelerating electric mobility across Europe.

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AMPECO can help accelerate EV charging across Europe 

The EVision annual international conference in February 2022 will host strategic and technical conversations on how the power sector can accelerate e-mobility. Utilities are now more than ever in pursuit of reinventing their business and the most adaptable will shape the future of the industry. Many of the solutions to the industry’s problems will likely be found in collaborations with companies from industries that have never partnered with utilities in the past. This approach is more than needed in order to unlock the full potential of added value services from e-mobility and decentralised energy resources in general.

Orlin Radev, CEO, AMPECO will be featured in a panel discussion on “Sustainable business models for EV charging”. With the explosive growth in EV rollout in Europe over the last 12 months, concerns about charging EVs without overloading the grid or increasing peak demand are putting pressure on companies to provide solutions. AMPECO’s EV charging software offers a best-in-class, cost-effective solution which includes smart charging technology, capacity management and load balancing. 

Petar Georgiev - Head of Strategy and Partnerships - AMPECO
We are thrilled to become a member of Eurelectric, the voice of the EU electricity industry. Our goal at AMPECO is to facilitate and accelerate the roll-out of smart EV charging infrastructure everywhere. We strive to achieve this through our state-of-the-art charging platform and through partnering with the important enablers of e-mobility in the face of utility companies across Europe.
Petar Georgiev
Head of Strategy and Partnerships, AMPECO

As part of Eurelectric, AMPECO looks forward to creating partnerships that improve the energy experience and bring forward opportunities for the uptake of decarbonised energy solutions. We look forward to insightful debate over the course of 2022 within the EVision Business Hub, together with the likes of other major businesses in our wider ecosystem.


Baycho Georgiev

Chief Marketing Officer

About the author

Baycho Georgiev is Chief Marketing Officer at AMPECO EV Charging Platform.