AMPECO is now officially a member of SmartEn, the single European voice of innovative companies that provide digital, decentralized and decarbonised energy solutions.

AMPECO as a member of SmartEn

By joining SmartEn, AMPECO strongly commits to playing an active role in the consumer-driven clean energy transition.

The membership will allow the two organisations to exchange on how flexible solutions in the EV charging domain will contribute to transforming the energy system in line with both smartEn’s vision and the approach of AMPECO’s partners. 

Upon joining smartEn, Orlin Radev, CEO of AMPECO said:

Orlin Radev Photo
SmartEn’s expertise in flexibility and demand-side response matters will be an incredible asset for our company. We wanted to partner up with an organisation that understood the importance of empowering customers through energy system flexibility. Our EV charging solution fits very well in the context of smartEn’s cross-sectoral energy competences and we believe the partnership will have tremendous all-around upside for our clients.
Orlin Radev
Chief Executive Officer at AMPECO

About SmartEn

SmartEn is the European business association and a cross-sectoral single voice for innovative players driving digital, decentralized and decarbonised energy solutions. 

The organisation is ranked #1 energy influencer on the specialised Brussels-focused media, Euractiv. The organisation and its members advocate smart energy solutions with policymakers to realise supportive regulatory conditions.

Promote system efficiency

through the advanced management and integration of electricity demand and supply in homes and buildings, transportation, businesses and decentralised energy projects.

Promote system efficiency

by enabling them to participate in the energy market through flexible demand, storage, self-generation and participation in community projects, and giving them control of their energy data.

Encourage innovation and diversity

by enabling new market players and energy service offers that provide attractive choices for consumers and allow for healthy competition.

Drive the decarbonisation of the energy sector

through the cost-effective integration of renewable sources and smart electrification of heating, cooling and transport.

SmartEn produces crucial expertise and intelligence that supports the business of the members and promotes the organisation objectives to policymakers through:

  • White papers and reports on topics related to smart electrification;
  • Member input in active committees and task forces;
  • Involvement in key expert groups by the European Commission, regulators and system operators. 

The organisation acts as the central network for smart energy solutions and communicates the benefits and potential to all relevant stakeholders. Members participate in more than 50 high-level industry events annually.

Meet the team behind SmartEn and learn more about the organisation on their website.

Join us in our journey in the clean energy transition!


Baycho Georgiev

Chief Marketing Officer

About the author

Baycho Georgiev is Chief Marketing Officer at AMPECO EV Charging Platform.