On our 5th birthday this autumn, we celebrated a significant milestone: our 100th employee.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. What started as a passion project with a mission to revolutionize EV charging management has become a global industry leader. It all started following an insightful EV road trip by our co-founders, Orlin and Martin. During their journey, they identified a significant opportunity: to create a comprehensive EV charging management software that could make a global impact as the EV industry grew. From this realization, AMPECO was born. Today, we have grown from 6 founders to a team of 100, operating in 45+ markets worldwide.

Image of Ampeco team celebrating 5 years and 100th employee

Our unique platform approach has disrupted the EV charging industry and helped over 130 charging providers establish and scale their EV charging operations worldwide. Only in 2022, top brands such as Frost & Sullivan, Forbes, and Arthur D. Little recognized AMPECO with an array of awards for product leadership, stellar performance, superior technological innovation, and sustainable business model in automotive.

We owe our enviable position in the EV charging industry to our amazing AMPECO dream team. We now have over 100 employees from nine different countries, including Bulgaria, Georgia, France, Tunisia, Italy, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, and the United States. This summer, we officially launched our second office in Paris and will continue our global expansion in the following months.

AMPECO’s CEO and co-founder, Orlin Radev, recently shared the following statement with our team: “You, teammates, are one of our greatest and most valuable company assets. Paving the road for a better future for our industry and the planet and achieving great results with our innovative product wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

We gathered to celebrate AMPECO’s 5th birthday and our 100th employee, doing so with the distinct flair and style that define our team’s spirit.

To many more achievements! The best in EV charging is yet to come!

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