We’re happy to announce the publication of AMPECO’s 2023 Sustainability Report, which outlines our strides in enabling sustainable e-mobility and our ambitious journey towards a sustainable future. This year, our actions have resonated strongly with our core mission: to foster significant environmental improvements and address critical social challenges through innovative solutions.

2023 Sustainability report highlights

2023 was a landmark year for AMPECO as we continued to leverage our technology to enable greenhouse gas emissions reduction across the globe. With our platform enabling nearly 500 million electric kilometers, we’ve saved an estimated 46,792 tonnes of CO2e. These figures are more than just numbers—they represent our tangible impact on promoting sustainable transportation.

ampeco 2023 sustainability highlights

AMPECO’s sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is built around three main pillars:

1. Sustainable e-mobility

We aim to revolutionize the e-mobility landscape by creating scalable solutions that significantly decrease environmental impacts.

Our efforts this year focused on enhancing the efficiency of EV charging through advanced energy management and smart charging capabilities, which not only reduce grid strain but also encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

2. People and community

At AMPECO, we believe in creating a workplace that upholds values of equality, non-discrimination, and overall employee well-being, positively impacting the communities we serve.

This year, we’ve actively engaged our team through initiatives to improve workplace satisfaction and community involvement. We have partnered with several NGOs like Bulgaria Innovation Hub and Entrepreneurs in Class, providing mentorship to young entrepreneurs and high school students, respectively., AMPECO employees contributed approximately 160 volunteer hours across various initiatives.

3. Trust and equity

We are committed to ethical operations, maintaining transparency, and ensuring equitable access to our technologies.

Developing products that offer equitable access to technology by supporting multilingual and accessibility features to include diverse user groups and upholding rigorous data security and ethical standards remains a cornerstone of our operations.

ampeco trust and equity

Goals and Progress:

In 2023, we’ve made substantial progress toward our short and long-term goals that reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Goal: Enable 3 billion electric km per year through AMPECO’s platform by 2025

Description: Enabled electric kilometers calculated based on the total amount of electricity charged by our clients through the AMPECO’s EV charging management platform and average electricity economy of an EV. 

2023 progress: The number of electric kilometers enabled through AMPECO’s platform saw a 2x increase in 2023, compared to the year before – from 250M km to 496M km. 

Goal: Save 250,000t CO2e/year through enabled electric mobility by 2025

Description: Reach 250,000t CO2e saved in the fiscal year 2025. Amount of carbon equivalent greenhouse gas emissions saved (due to not driving an ICEV) calculated based on AMPECO’s own methodology

2023 Progress: In 2023, the energy charged through AMEPCO’s platform was enough to save ~47,000t CO2e, up more than 2x compared to 2022, when the number was ~21,000t CO2e. 

Goal: Reach 600 hours spent, in total, volunteering by AMPECO employees by 2025

Description: Volunteering activities defined as donating time as an AMPECO employee to support a cause or a local community initiative.  

2023 Progress: We started tracking this metric in 2023, when we achieved 160 hours of total employee volunteering hours. 

As a leader in e-mobility solutions since 2018 and a climate-tech company our mission extends beyond business growth to embrace a profound commitment to environmental and social impacts. We are dedicated to innovation and scalability, ensuring our solutions not only meet today’s needs but also foster long-term sustainability. We are equally committed to our communities and uphold rigorous governance standards, striving to lead by example in the e-mobility sector and beyond. Following ESG principles isn’t just optional; it’s essential to our way of doing business
Orlin Radev

External Recognition

In 2023, AMPECO’s commitment to sustainability was recognized globally through several accolades. We achieved B Corp certification with a score of 103.8, which is significantly above the median. This score reflects our strong performance across essential areas, including governance, workers’ rights, community impact, environmental efforts, and customer engagement. We received a Silver rating from EcoVadis, placing us in the top 25% of rated companies worldwide, acknowledging our dedicated efforts in sustainable procurement and ethical business practices. Moreover, AMPECO was honored with PwC’s ESG Award for Digital Climate Solution, highlighting our innovative approach to significantly reducing the carbon footprint through technology. 

ampeco external recognition

Looking Ahead

While we celebrate our achievements, we acknowledge the journey ahead to meet our ambitious sustainability targets. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in e-mobility and sustainability, driving change not only within AMPECO but across the industry and communities we serve.

At AMPECO, we’re not just developing technology; we’re building a legacy of positive impact. Join us as we continue to innovate and inspire action towards a sustainable future.


Dimitar Dimitrov

Sustainability Consultant

About the author

Dimitar Dimitrov, AMPECO’s Sustainability Consultant, has 13+ years of experience in corporate sustainability. He oversees AMPECO’s ESG initiatives, including carbon accounting, annual report, company certification, community programs and more.