6-7 May, 2023
  • Bozhidar Hristov

    Sales Development Representative

It’s been over a decade since the inaugural edition of CENEX, and these events are still an essential destination for exhibitions and discussions on the future of low-carbon vehicles (LCV) and connected automated mobility (CAM). These two directions, represented by the CENEX-LCV and CENEX-CAM sessions, respectively, will lead CENEX ‘23.

CENEX events offer a meeting point for stakeholders in low-carbon and automated mobility through four dimensions: expert seminars, a tech exhibition, networking opportunities, and presentations and discussions on the latest research and approaches to facilitating sustainable transportation. Organizers have placed the question of “What’s next” for low-carbon mobility and how to overcome the sector’s challenges as the event’s centerpiece topics.

The event will explore policies, approaches, and innovations related to urban decarbonization and fleet electrification, with 100+ experts sharing their knowledge across 30+ sessions. The sessions will be distributed among the LCV Main Plenary, the Seminar Dome, the CAM Main Plenary, and the CAM Tech Talks.

CENEX events continue growing, with this year’s edition expected to attract 5,000+ attendees and 100+ speakers from fields such as EV charging, policymaking, finance, energy & infrastructure, academia & research, and consultancy.

Event quick facts

Opening hours

9:00 am – 5:00 pm | Wednesday

9:00 am – 4:30 pm | Thursday

Seminar Highlights

September 6

LCV Main Plenary: Scaling the Automotive Sector to Deliver Net Zero | 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Seminar Dome: Innovations in Fleet Charging | 2:00 – 3:30 PM

CAM Main Plenary: Future Direction of CAM | 12:00 – 1:30 PM 

CAM Tech Talks: Software Defined Vehicles |10:15 – 10:45 AM

September 7

LCV Main Plenary: Navigating the Path to Net Zero Fleets: From Challenges to Change | 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Seminar Dome: Battery Tech Talk | 9:30 – 10:45 AM

CAM Main Plenary: CAM in Logistics: Meeting the Remote Operating Challenge | 1:00 – 2:15 PM

CAM Tech Talks: Verification & Validation 1 & 2 | 12:45 – 2:10 PM

Visitors, Exhibitors & Speakers

100+ speakers

150 exhibitors

5,000+ attendees, of which more than 40% are at a senior management level

Exhibition Space

Four indoor halls

Outdoor exhibition area

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  • Bozhidar Hristov

    Sales Development Representative