The primary objective of the The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is to foster the rapid advancement and implementation of environmentally friendly and efficient vehicle technologies and sustainable fuels. Collaborating closely with industry, educational institutions, and state and local governments, the program orchestrates a comprehensive range of initiatives encompassing research, developmental efforts, demonstrations, rigorous testing, technology validation, effective technology transfer, and education. The program is dedicated to a spectrum of technology domains, including cutting-edge alternative fuel and electric drive vehicles alongside the associated fueling and charging infrastructure, innovations in curbing idling for commercial trucks and buses, extensive utilization of non-petroleum and renewable fuels, pioneering hybrid vehicles, optimizing driving techniques for heightened efficiency, and engine and vehicle technologies that optimize fuel consumption. 

As a robust incentive initiative, the  The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) funding launched by the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) play a dynamic role in propelling the growth of EV charging networks and nurturing infrastructural development. Anchored in VTO’s steadfast commitment to propelling energy-efficient and sustainable transportation technologies, these FOAs offer a strategic avenue for reducing dependence on petroleum. By regularly updating and introducing new funding opportunities, the FOAs empower a wide range of projects that align with program priorities and stakeholder needs. Through these funding opportunities, diverse aspects of transportation electrification projects, encompassing areas like EV supply equipment planning, installation, deployment, and data analysis, are supported and catalyzed, enriching the landscape of sustainable transportation solutions.

Funding Details

  • Fiscal Year Range: Ongoing
  • Funding Coverage: The FOAs provide financial support for various projects aligned with program priorities and stakeholder needs.
  • Eligible Activities: Funding opportunities span diverse areas, including transportation electrification projects such as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) planning and installation, EV demonstration and deployment, and EV data collection and analysis.
  • Grant Range: Varies based on individual FOAs.
  • Funding Frequency: Ongoing, with varying intervals.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility extends to a wide spectrum of entities, including but not limited to:

  • States
  • Tribes
  • Localities
  • Transportation providers
  • Nonprofits
  • Private sector organizations
  • Individuals

Application Process

The VTO updates its FOAs regularly, offering detailed information on available funding opportunities. The application process for each FOA includes specific steps, deadlines, and documentation requirements. Potential applicants can access additional resources and support through the VTO to ensure a smooth application process.

Key Benefits and Opportunities

  • Financial Assistance Opportunity: Engaging with FOAs provides a pathway to secure financial assistance, bolstering initiatives aimed at expanding and nurturing the evolution of EV charging infrastructure.
  • Prominent Recognition: Accomplished projects enjoy increased recognition as they align with VTO’s mission and objectives, centered around the advancement of energy-efficient transportation technologies.
  • Utilization of Resources: Recipients of funding gain the ability to harness resources, propelling endeavors focused on the advancement of EV charging networks, vehicle electrification, and interconnected technologies.
  • Facilitating Collaborative Networks: The FOAs actively foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, nurturing partnerships that play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable transportation solutions and technological progress.

Additional Resources

For comprehensive program guidelines, available FOAs, FAQs, and support, refer to the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) website.


Ivelina Kadiri

Policy Compliance Manager

About the author

Ivelina is a trend-seeking policy compliance manager who skillfully navigates complex regulatory landscapes and bridges the gap between sustainable transportation goals and actionable implementation.