The State Energy Program (SEP) by the Office of State and Community Programs, under the Department of Energy (DOE), is a pivotal incentive that provides annual formula funding and technical support to all 50 States, five territories, and the District of Columbia. The primary focus of SEP is to bolster energy security, propel State-led energy initiatives, and enhance energy affordability. Notably, SEP offers a valuable avenue for states to allocate funds toward transportation projects, particularly those that increase EV adoption and foster the expansion of EV charging infrastructure. This program plays a key role in fostering the growth of sustainable transportation solutions and associated infrastructure.

Funding Details

  • Fiscal Year Range: Ongoing, based on Congressional appropriations
  • Funding Coverage: The program offers annual formula funding to States, territories, and the District of Columbia.
  • Eligible Activities: States have the flexibility to allocate funds for a range of transportation projects, including planning efforts and initiatives that promote EV accessibility and the establishment of robust EV charging networks. Eligible activities span light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle usage and their associated charging needs, ensuring equitable charging access, facilitating public fleet and transit electrification, and enhancing grid security and resilience in alignment with transportation electrification.
  • Grant Range: Varies by State, contingent on annual formula allocation.

Eligibility Criteria

The primary eligible entities for SEP participation are State energy offices. They serve as pivotal conduits for translating program guidance and ensuring eligibility specifics for each State.

Application Process: States seeking to harness SEP benefits can liaise with their respective State energy offices to obtain comprehensive program guidance and eligibility information. These offices act as vital resources in navigating the application process and facilitating successful participation in the SEP initiative.

Key Benefits and Opportunities

  • Strategic Funding: SEP’s annual formula funding empowers States to strategically allocate resources to transportation projects that accelerate the transition to EVs and bolster EV charging infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Transportation Growth: Participation in SEP contributes directly to the growth of sustainable transportation solutions, driving EV adoption and enhancing charging accessibility.
  • Inclusive Mobility: The program’s emphasis on equitable charging access ensures that EV benefits are accessible to a broad range of communities and users.
  • Enhanced Grid Security: By facilitating grid resilience associated with transportation electrification, SEP plays a critical role in building energy security and future-proofing transportation systems.

Additional Resources 

For detailed program guidelines, eligibility information, and assistance, interested parties can connect with their respective State energy offices or through the State and Local inbox at [email protected].


Ivelina Kadiri

Policy Compliance Manager

About the author

Ivelina is a trend-seeking policy compliance manager who skillfully navigates complex regulatory landscapes and bridges the gap between sustainable transportation goals and actionable implementation.