The Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Programs, offered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), play a crucial role in supporting transit agencies and government entities in improving and expanding their bus fleets and related infrastructure. This program stands as a significant driver of improved public transportation services while simultaneously advancing the growth of electric vehicle (EV) charging networks and the widespread adoption of low or zero-emission vehicles.

The program encompasses both formula-based and competitive grants, providing various avenues for funding EV-related projects. The program’s primary focus lies in providing funding to states and transit agencies via a predetermined formula. This funding aims to facilitate the replacement, rehabilitation, and acquisition of buses and relevant equipment, along with the construction of facilities that support bus-related activities. Through this statutory formula, the Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Formula Program (5339(a)) directly contributes to modernizing transit operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

In addition to the formula allocation, the program introduces two distinct competitive components: the Bus and Bus Facilities Competitive Program and the Low or No Emissions Bus Vehicle Program. These competitive facets serve as opportunities for transit agencies and relevant entities to vie for funding on a more competitive basis. This approach encourages innovation and the pursuit of projects that stand out regarding their environmental impact, technological advancements, and overall effectiveness in improving urban transit systems.

Funding Details

The Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Programs offer financial support to replace, rehabilitate, and acquire buses and related equipment, including low or zero-emission vehicles, for public transportation services. Key funding details include:

  • Eligible EV Activities: The program funds public transportation charging infrastructure and vehicle acquisition projects that focus on enhancing EV adoption and contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system.
  • Eligible Applicants: Eligible applicants include a range of entities, depending on the specific program:
    • Formula Grant: States and transportation providers
    • Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities (Discretionary): States, local governmental authorities operating fixed routes, designated recipients allocating funding to fixed route public transportation, and Tribes
    • Low-No Bus (Discretionary): States, Tribes, localities, and transportation providers
  • FY22 Grant Ranges:
    • Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities (Discretionary): $115,000 – $54,000,000
    • Low-No Bus (Discretionary): $167,257 – $116,000,000
  • Frequency: Funding opportunities are available on an annual basis, providing consistent support for eligible projects.
  • Match Requirement: The Federal share of net capital project costs varies based on the nature of the project:
    • Traditional propulsion projects: 80% Federal share
    • Bus acquisition compliant with the Clean Air Act or ADA: 85% Federal share
    • Bus-related equipment and facilities compliant with the Clean Air Act or ADA: 90% Federal share

Eligibility Criteria

The Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Programs target projects that enhance public transportation services through the acquisition of buses and related equipment. The program encourages the adoption of low or zero-emission vehicles and supports EV charging infrastructure projects. Eligible applicants include States, transportation providers, local governmental authorities operating fixed routes, designated recipients allocating funding, Tribes, and more.

Application Process

Applying for these grants involves a well-defined process where applicants submit proposals that align with the program’s objectives and guidelines. For competitive programs, applications may need to be submitted through the respective State agency, either individually or as part of a consolidated statewide application.

Key Benefits and Opportunities

Participating in the Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Programs offers several benefits and opportunities for EV charging network operators and other eligible applicants:

  • Financial Support: The program provides substantial financial resources to enhance and modernize bus fleets, including EV adoption and charging infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Transportation: Supported projects contribute to a greener transportation system by adopting low or zero-emission vehicles and associated infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Public Transit: EV-related projects lead to improved public transportation services, benefiting both passengers and communities.
  • Collaboration and Innovation: The program encourages collaboration among different stakeholders, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing in public transit advancements.

Additional Resources

For further information, guidelines, and support related to the Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Programs, applicants can refer to this fact sheet.


Ivelina Kadiri

Policy Compliance Manager

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