How EOS Linx uses the AMPECO platform to boost network reliability and enter new EV charging verticals in the US

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EOS Linx & AMPECO Case Study - Back to Case Studies

“As we look ahead at the ever-evolving EV charging landscape, we feel confident that our partnership with AMPECO provides us the flexibility and expertise to ensure we are continually positioned to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers.

The platform is built with feature functionality to meet all our use cases, but it is also built to be easily configurable and updatable to keep pace with growing market needs.

Blake Snider,

Company Overview

EOS Linx is part of a diverse consortium active in multiple sectors, including solar power, battery technology, recycling, real estate, and technology. Venturing into the EV charging market aligns seamlessly with EOS’s core infrastructure and energy management competencies.

As a leading EV charging network operator in the US, the company delivers versatile charging solutions across numerous public destinations, such as retail centers, hotels, healthcare facilities, as well as multi-unit residential buildings. They collaborate with utility providers and municipal councils to expand their reach and impact.

EOS Linx engages property owners, offering diverse partnership options such as direct purchase, EOS-owned operations, or a Charging as a Service (CaaS) model. They support site hosts end-to-end with all project activities – from design, permitting, and installation to ongoing maintenance.

The company’s product portfolio features Level 2 AC chargers, with power outputs ranging from 7.7 to 19.2 KW, designed to cater to diverse charging needs. A significant market differentiator is their flagship unit, the Aurora charging station, which incorporates an internal battery to mitigate grid inefficiencies.

The company stands out in the EV charging industry by integrating Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising in some of its charging stations. The digital displays ensure high visibility, provide advertisers with branding opportunities, and location owners the ability to impact customers at the point of purchase.

EOS Linx firmly believes that EV charging infrastructure should be functional and enhance the host location’s value proposition. They commit to tailoring services to meet each location’s specific needs through, for example, customized RFID cards for a building owner or reimbursement solutions for employees charging company cars at home.

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“Working with AMPECO has opened up several new sectors of the marketplace for us and allowed us to be much more aggressive in pursuit of our enterprise partnerships.”

Jeff Hutchins,
President and CTO, EOS Linx


EOS Linx aimed to establish its brand within the EV charging market by using a white-label EV charging management solution that would allow them to launch operations and validate their business approach quickly. They needed a comprehensive solution, including backend functionality and EV drivers’ mobile apps, capable of accommodating various EV charging scenarios, such as public, residential, and fleet charging.

EOS Linx aspired to collaborate with a partner renowned for its market credibility and experience. They conducted thorough assessments of several solutions and consulted existing users to choose a provider distinguished for its dependability and industry expertise.

Adaptability to market developments was key, underscoring the need for a proactive partner capable of evolving service offerings based on market trends and customer feedback. They prioritized collaborating with a responsive partner, recognizing that timely and effective communication significantly influences operational success and financial outcomes. 

Software operational efficiency and automation were also critical. With previous experiences of high session failure rates and where user sessions were frustratingly slow to start, they understood the need for a best-in-class software solution to ensure network reliability and user satisfaction.

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Avoiding conflicts of interest was essential. EOS Linx scrutinized potential providers’ funding sources and ownership to find a partner whose corporate strategy and business ethics aligned with their own, ensuring that the chosen collaborator was not influenced or owned by a competitor.

Lastly, EOS Linx looked for advanced data extraction and reporting capabilities to pull data into a data warehouse and integrate it into compliance platforms.


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AMPECO emerged as a pivotal partner for EOS Linx by providing a fully branded EV driver mobile application and web portal, enhancing the end-user experience with intuitive ad-hoc charging capabilities.

EOS Linx utilizes AMPECO’s platform to deliver highly customizable solutions to clients. The platform’s flexibility enables them to fine-tune their networking strategies, power balancing techniques, or EV charger communications to meet variety of requirements.

AMPECO’s dynamic load management (DLM) and power management features allow EOS Linx to optimize power usage and manage electrical loads effectively, which are key concerns for utilities focused on energy efficiency and grid stability.

AMPECO’s flexible pricing module enables EOS Linx to create nuanced and competitive pricing strategies that cater to the specific needs of each location. Custom integration with a leading payment provider done by AMPECO was a strategic move to align with the specific financial transaction needs in the US market.

Payment terminals are essential for EOS Linx to address the public charging use case, especially in light of increasing regulatory requirements. AMPECO’s platform allows EOS Linx to choose from various existing integrations with payment terminal providers. Also, the company can control payment terminals remotely, which provides a significant advantage over other integration approaches that limit the devices’ available functionality.

AMPECO developed an advanced reporting feature that is crucial for EOS Linx to meet industry regulations that mandate the reporting of network uptime and comprehensive charging session data, ensuring transparency and compliance.

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The hardware-agnostic nature of AMPECO’s solution allows EOS Linx to use a variety of chargers, payment terminals, and smart meters, mitigating risks associated with supply chain disruptions and ensuring that EOS Linx can maintain a diverse and adaptable service offering.

AMPECO’s partner module enables EOS Linx to build strong partnerships with site hosts. Combined with their consultative approach, which provides guidance, compliance support, and ease of operation in an area outside of their core business, EOS Linx is a valued partner for site hosts seeking reliable, compliant, hassle-free EV charging solutions.


In 2023, EOS Linx achieved a significant milestone by increasing the number of its deployed EV charging stations by 150%, expanding its reach across existing and new markets.

The company ventured into new verticals, introducing fast-charging stations and marking its entry into the healthcare sector with first-time deployments in Tennessee and New Jersey. These steps signify EOS Linx’s commitment to diversifying its service offerings and exploring untapped market segments.

Looking ahead, EOS Linx plans to deepen its engagement with utility companies. This collaboration is crucial, as it aligns with EOS Linx’s strategic focus on power distribution and positions them as a key player in an industry dependent on reliable energy partnerships.

EOS Linx relies on AMPECO to navigate the evolving market landscape in areas like regulations and taxation. The platform’s evolving billing and taxation features will be critical for compliance and financial accuracy. They foresee demand for the existing reservation features in mobile apps to efficiently handle the anticipated rise in utilization at key locations in high-demand areas.

EOS Linx’s partnership with AMPECO has led to exceptional improvements, notably surpassing industry standards in uptime, significantly reducing transaction times, and enhancing the user mobile app experience. AMPECO’s responsiveness and efficiency have been crucial in accelerating EOS Linx’s growth and solidifying a partnership that drives tangible results.

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“AMPECO feels like a true business partner! They work with us to address our existing functionality needs as well as upcoming enhancements. The team is fast, efficient, and responsive in all aspects of our conversations, and they provide tremendous guidance and support.

Alex McGhee
COO and CMO, EOS Linx

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