The EV driver mobile app is more than just a tool, it is a way for charge point operators to stand out in a competitive market. It’s a chance to deliver unique services, experiment with innovative business models, and cultivate a dedicated customer base.

In this context, extending a white-label mobile app with custom functionality emerges as a compelling strategy. This innovative solution provided by AMPECO combines the convenience of a white-label solution with the adaptability of custom-developed interfaces, workflows, and features.

AMPECO provides this flexibility out of the box, right from the start, enabling large-scale EV charging operators to innovate and expand into new areas without building a mobile app from scratch. 

white label app with custom functionality

How it works

At the core of this solution is AMPECO’s proprietary functionality that seamlessly integrates external web applications into the mobile app, enriching the user interface. This transforms the app into a dynamic platform that can host a variety of external applications as if they were native components of the app itself. Here’s a closer look at how this process works:

Embed web applications
CPOs can embed external web applications within a web view inside the app, creating an integrated experience for the user. Adding a simple URL to the web application allows for the rapid addition of new functionalities.

Seamless design integration
For the external applications to truly blend with the native app experience, their design must align with the overall aesthetic of the mobile app. When the new screens or menu options mirror the app’s design, this ensures a cohesive user experience that feels both intuitive and familiar to the EV driver.

Custom triggers and events
The platform supports the use of custom triggers or events to activate the external web application, enabling a range of interactive experiences. For example, it can display a welcome screen upon user login or showcase a promotional screen after completing a charging session of a certain value.

Data synchronization via API
APIs facilitate the smooth synchronization of data between external web applications and the AMPECO system. This connectivity ensures that any action performed by an EV driver within the external application—requiring a follow-up within the AMPECO environment—is executed seamlessly. 

Multiple use cases
The applications of this functionality are broad, ranging from simple enhancements like custom forms for reporting issues or ordering RFID cards to more complex applications such as running targeted marketing campaigns. The true power of this functionality lies in its ability to support complex use cases that can significantly enhance the user experience and offer additional value to EV drivers.

Practical examples

Below are three examples of how charge point operators can leverage this functionality to address growth opportunities with a variety of B2B clients and site hosts. 

ampeco parking operators how it works

1. Parking operators

Scenario: In this setup, as a CPO, you enter into a partnership with a parking operator to manage charging stations that are located behind remotely controlled barriers or garage doors. By equipping parking areas and multi-storey car parks with EV charging stations, parking operators not only future-proof their facilities but also significantly boost the profitability and appeal of their parking spaces. This strategic move accommodates the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure and attracts a new segment of parking customers.

Capability: You empower drivers to access and charge their EVs and operate the respective parking barriers or garage doors directly from your mobile app, streamlining the entire process. For parking operators, this capability means offering an enhanced service that meets the modern needs of EV drivers.

How it works: Through your mobile app, EV drivers access the chargers’ location details, which include a link to an external web application for remotely controlling the parking gates. After operating the gate through this web app, users are smoothly redirected to the app’s charging screen to begin their session. 

car dealerships rental companies how it works

2. Car dealerships or rental companies

Scenario: As a CPO, you partner with a car dealership or rental company to provide their customers with access to your public network infrastructure at a preferential rate. Bundling an EV charging mobile app as part of the package of buying or leasing an EV enhances the customer value proposition of the dealerships or rental companies.

Capability: The dealership or rental company improve their service offering by adding a mobile app through which customers can enjoy discounted charging on your network with the EV.

How it works: The customers of the dealership/rental company download and register in your mobile app, where they are prompted to enter their vehicle’s license plate number. This step seamlessly links their account to the special offer, automatically applying a discounted rate whenever they charge on your network. This process eliminates the need for manual discount codes or additional verification steps, offering a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

ampeco retail store supermarket chain how it works

3. Retail store of supermarket chain

Scenario: As a CPO, you partner with retail or supermarket chains to manage their on-site charging stations and provide EV drivers with discounted rates and preferential terms. This collaboration attracts more shoppers, leveraging the convenience of on-site EV charging to enhance customer footfall and loyalty.

Capability: The retail or supermarket chain provides its loyal customers (cardholders) with a dedicated mobile app, giving them access to convenient charging stations at their premises at discounted prices.

How it works: The customers of the retail or supermarket chain download your mobile app, and during the registration process, they are prompted to enter their loyalty card ID. This action automatically associates their account with the discounted charging offer.

Transforming EV charging experiences through customization

The proprietary functionality developed by AMPECO offers a blend of convenience and customization, unlocking opportunities for large-scale EV charging providers to deliver maximum value to both their business clients and EV drivers.

The practical examples discussed, ranging from collaborations with car dealerships and retail chains to integrations with parking operators, illustrate just a fraction of the potential applications of this functionality. Each scenario showcases the ability of CPOs to tailor the charging experience to meet the unique needs of their users and business partners, thereby improving service delivery.

As we continue to explore the possibilities of this functionality, it’s evident that the flexibility of AMPECO’s platform is pivotal for CPOs aiming to expand their service offerings and adapt to the evolving demands of the EV charging market. To further explore the possibilities of customizing your white-label mobile app, we invite you to connect with our team of experts. 

Discover firsthand how AMPECO’s platform can empower you to enrich the EV charging experience, foster valuable B2B partnerships and deliver exceptional value to EV drivers.


Aleksandar Petkov

Product Marketing Manager

About the author

Alex is a highly skilled product marketing manager who transforms technical features into actionable insights, empowering CPOs to unlock the full potential of our platform.