We are happy to announce that we have joined the EVRoaming Foundation.

The EVRoaming Foundation manages and maintains the OCPI protocol. It ensures its free availability to guarantee roaming according to open standards for any EV driver. 

As one of the EV charging management industry leaders, the AMPECO EV Charging Platform joins the EVRoaming foundation to contribute to developing roaming and more actively shape an EV charging market with an open ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure seamless charging for the end-user while providing fair conditions and pricing.

“AMPECO’s mission is to enable EV charging service providers to launch and scale their business and provide a world-class service to EV drivers. Interoperability and roaming, particularly, is a major factor for an easy and accessible EV charging experience. OCPI makes roaming easier and the EVRoaming foundation ensures that it remains accessible and freely available to operators.”

— Orlin Radev, CEO of AMPECO

About EVRoaming Foundation

AMPECO joins the EVRoaming Foundation - We are happy to announce that we have joined the EVRoaming Foundation.

EV Roaming Foundation was founded on 28th May 2020 and has been actively developing the OCPI protocol since 2014. Its mission is to achieve full EV roaming for everyone openly and transparently, with correct information sharing according to all consumer laws. The foundation aims to ensure cross border access to charge infra networks and help companies and governments with the correct information to achieve this.

The foundation has a growing number of active participants who contribute to the development roadmap of OCPI. Also, governments increasingly understand the need for a strong policy framework that allows the EV charging market to flourish: open protocols, standard data models and transparent business propositions.

OCPI and the importance of open standards in EV charging

AMPECO joins the EVRoaming Foundation - We are happy to announce that we have joined the EVRoaming Foundation.

Open standards and open protocols help EV charging systems communicate and exchange information. Open standards provide rules and guidelines for data communication, thus presenting new market opportunities for thousands of businesses worldwide.

OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) is an open protocol between charge point operators and e-mobility service providers. This interface supports the affordability and availability of charging infrastructure. The Open Charge Point Interface protocol supplies correct charge station information such as:

  • location;
  • availability and pricing;
  • manages bilateral roaming;
  • allows for real-time billing and mobile access to charge stations. 

In this way, OCPI empowers CPOs, EMSPs as well as drivers. OCPI provides the technical “handshake” for connecting back-end infrastructures among CPOs and EMSPs, resulting in a simplified approach to monitoring clients across systems. The protocol improves the overall connectivity of mobility services, which in turn accelerates the market for EV drivers. Compliance with OCPI ultimately ensures a simplified and harmonised approach to EV charging.


Baycho Georgiev

Chief Marketing Officer

About the author

Baycho Georgiev is Chief Marketing Officer at AMPECO EV Charging Platform.