SAN ANTONIO, TX. – October 25, 2022

AMPECO, an EV charging management software developer, is distinguished by Frost & Sullivan with the 2022 global electric vehicle charging software product leadership award for its overall stellar performance, superior technological innovation, and strategic development.

AMPECO recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Product Leadership Award - SAN ANTONIO, TX. – October 25, 2022

For over two decades, to promote fast-growing, transformative organizations, Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards have recognized best-in-class companies for their achievements. These independent, research-backed accolades identify the market’s true leaders and innovators.

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 has become one of the most urgent missions worldwide. The global transportation sector contributes significantly to global carbon emissions, with passenger cars accounting for a staggering 41% of the 2.7 billion metric tons of CO2 produced in 2020. Electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure are viable, pragmatic solutions to tackling climate change and decarbonizing transportation. The EV charging market is experiencing rapid growth, and one of the primary challenges is the lack of access to EV charging infrastructure and the disconnect between current provisions and requirements. 

Businesses have the opportunity to support the increased demand for charging infrastructure. However, the software required to operate an EV charging network or provide users with an application to access and pay for charging is highly complex. Due to the pace of innovation, many stakeholders find it unfeasible to build and maintain in-house EV charging management solutions. AMPECO meets this need by providing an all-in-one market-ready solution that supports businesses in developing and launching their EV charging operations.  

„Businesses can rely on extensive out-of-the-box features to cover public, private, and fleet charging in one software platform. For companies with complex business models or those wanting to build a custom user experience around a specific charging use case, AMPECO provides a comprehensive API solution.“

– Robert Camm, Senior Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

AMPECO’s solution is built to suit the needs of high-growth customers and manage chargers at scale. It offers a white-label, hardware-agnostic solution that covers all EV charging business use cases and allows customers to manage their network efficiently while providing an outstanding experience for EV drivers. 

The cloud-based platform also addresses energy management challenges. It facilitates demand response and distributed energy automation with OpenADR. It connects homes and businesses with utilities to manage power fluctuations by adjusting power consumption in response to grid demand. AMPECO’s solution seamlessly integrates with smart meters, building management systems, and renewable energy sources to maximize efficiency.

AMPECO offers clients full ownership of their business, including complete control over customer relations, partnerships, and payment flows. This is highly valuable for large-scale EV charging providers, who recognize these as core assets of their business. 

“Being chosen for the Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices award for product leadership after rigorous analysis means we are on the right track regarding product innovation in a very competitive market. This award proves we are prepared for future developments both in terms of acquiring high-growth clients and entering new markets“. 

Orlin Radev, CEO, AMPECO

AMPECO is based in Europe and offers its services worldwide. It has customers in more than 45 markets, representing over 51,000 charging points. The company is expanding its local presence in North America, Asia, and the Pacific and plans to open sales and support offices in the US.

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AMPECO recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Product Leadership Award - SAN ANTONIO, TX. – October 25, 2022

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