Expand your EV charging network with Roaming

Enter new markets swiftly and cost-effectively with roaming. Allow your customers to easily locate stations, charge and pay across multiple networks.

AMPECO EV roaming network app

Leverage roaming

Monetize your network

Expand your offering over multiple CPO or eMSP networks and maximize the revenue potential of your charging stations. Integrate with the major roaming hubs Hubject and Gireve or build direct P2P OCPI connections with preferred networks.

EV Roaming network connections

Attract new customers and increase the utilization of your network

Scale your network easily and offer EV drivers a hassle-free charging experience across multiple networks.

Increase your revenue

Tap into new revenue streams by allowing EV drivers from different networks to access your charging stations.

Get more charging stations in your app

Activate thousands of stations in your branded app for EV drivers and provide easy access on an interactive map with additional information.

Strengthen the loyalty of your existing customers

Allow your customers to charge anytime, anywhere! Existing customers do not have to swap operators or apps when traveling outside of their charging network.

Seize opportunities across borders

Expand your network beyond borders without costly infrastructure investments. Amplify your brand’s reach by offering charging services in new geographic regions.

Offer seamless EV charging access

Become a one-stop destination for EV drivers with EV roaming. Allow them to easily locate, access, and initiate charging sessions across multiple networks with your app.

How it works

AMPECO’s EV charging management platform is designed to seamlessly provide roaming with any other EV charging network using OCPI.

Sign roaming agreements

As a charge point operator, the first step is to determine the type of roaming. Whether you choose peer-to-peer roaming or a roaming Hub, you must establish and formalize all necessary terms and agreements in order to outline the commercial details, technical specifications, support policies, and any other criteria.

EV Roaming Agreement Diagram
EV Roaming systems handshake diagram

The system “handshake”

By setting up roaming agreements, parties can establish a secure connection and exchange data. This is done through a “handshake” where each party grants access to their roaming databases by providing credentials. Once the connection has been established, data can be both “pushed” and “pulled” depending on the direction of the roaming agreement:  

  • Pushing data means sending it to the roaming partner’s database, making it an outgoing data stream.
  • Pulling data means retrieving it from the roaming partner’s database, and is referred to as an incoming data stream.

Set up operations and update data

Once the roaming data about the EVSEs has been acquired, it needs to be mapped to the appropriate roaming partner in your system. 

Roaming partners will routinely access data from your system(e.g every 24 hours) to ensure they always have the most current information about the charging stations and transactions.

Our system provides real-time updates, ensuring any changes, such as blocked cards or charging station status, are automatically sent and updated without any delay.

EV Roaming operations and updates diagram

AMPECO provides you with full control over your roaming partnerships and transactions

Control the commercial relationship

Manage your roaming contracts and negotiate the terms you want with your partners. AMPECO does not act as an intermediary in any capacity.

Manage your roaming connections

Have full authorization control over all connections provided by your roaming agreements. Decide which stations to work with, when to activate them and on what terms.

Ensure transparent financial management

Use detailed settlement reports to track, reconcile and efficiently handle all transactions between you and your roaming partners.

Set flexible tariffs and pricing options

Create separate prices for different customer segments (coming from roaming or not). Search and export roaming data like transactions, sessions, etc.


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EV Roaming use cases to consider

Peer-to-peer (P2P) roaming

EV charging service providers set up individual roaming agreements with other providers  and establish direct P2P OCPI connections with each one.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) EV Roaming illustration

Roaming hub

Roaming hubs serve as a central point of contact for multiple service providers, allowing for streamlined communication and standardized processes. With a roaming hub, EV charging service providers instantly connect to a wide range of roaming partners, reducing the need to set up individual P2P connections with each partner.

Roaming hubs can also offer additional services such as billing and settlement, making it easier for EV drivers to use charging networks without needing to set up multiple accounts or handle multiple transactions.

Diagram of EV roaming on a roaming hub

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EV Roaming - Become a one-stop destination for EV drivers with EV roaming. Allow them to easily locate, access, and initiate charging sessions across multiple networks with your app.

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EV Roaming - Become a one-stop destination for EV drivers with EV roaming. Allow them to easily locate, access, and initiate charging sessions across multiple networks with your app.

The AMPECO Platform overview

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EV Roaming FAQs

Which roaming protocols does AMPECO support?

AMPECO currently supports OCPI and OICP.

Which OICP protocol version does AMPECO support?

AMPECO currently supports versions 2.2 and 2.3 because they are widely adopted among other charging service providers.

Which OCPI protocol version does AMPECO support?

AMPECO currently supports versions 2.1.1 and 2.2 because they are widely adopted among other charging service providers.

What data do roaming partners exchange via OCPI?

AMPECO supports the following modules:
– Locations: contains charging station data, such as addresses and connector information.
– Sessions: contains data about transactions when charging takes place.
– Tariffs: contains station pricing to ensure price transparency towards EV drivers.
– Tokens: contains token data so that charging stations can authorize charging sessions
– CDRs: Contains charge detail records (CDRs) of concluded transactions for invoices
– Commands: enables sending remote commands to a station, such as remote start/stop
– Credentials: contains the credentials needed to access a roaming partner’s server to exchange data

Can I use OCPI to transfer EV charging data to other parties?

Yes, you can use OCPI to facilitate communication and exchange data on users, locations, stations and more with third parties. See our OCPI guide for further reference.

How can EV roaming help me attract new customers and increase my revenue?

EV roaming opens up your charging network to a wider audience of EV drivers. With roaming, your charging stations become accessible to EV drivers from other networks. This increased visibility attracts new customers who may not have been aware of your charging stations previously. As a result, you can expect higher utilization rates, increasing your revenue.

Can I maintain control over pricing, access, and user experience within a roaming network?

Yes, as an EV charging network operator, you typically set your pricing, define access policies, and customize the user experience to align with your network’s brand and objectives. You will need to adhere to certain technical standards and interoperability requirements.

How can I effectively manage and track the usage of my charging stations in different regions or countries through EV roaming?

Managing and tracking usage across regions or countries through EV roaming is made efficient through the centralized EV charging management platform provided that allows you to:
Monitor Usage: Track real-time usage of your charging stations, including session data, energy consumption, and revenue generation.
Set Pricing: Adjust EV charging tariffs to accommodate different regions or types of customers.
Access Analytics: Leverage data analytics tools to gain insights into user behavior, trends, and station performance across various locations.
Customize Policies: Define access policies and user experiences that align with the unique requirements of each region or country.

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EV Roaming - Become a one-stop destination for EV drivers with EV roaming. Allow them to easily locate, access, and initiate charging sessions across multiple networks with your app.