Site host and B2B partner management

Manage your business relationships from a single place. Grow your EV charging network across locations and use cases.

Illustration of site hosts scenarios

Partner enablement

Gain an edge in securing strategic B2B clients

Provide your site hosts with a dedicated web portal to manage stations, invite users and control prices. Streamline financial agreements with monthly settlement reports and unlock new business avenues with features like corporate billing.

Illustration of dedicated B2B web portal

Confidently expand your site host network while maintaining full control

Empower B2B partners to manage their operations and grow their own business.

Get a valuable competitive advantage

Win site host deals more effectively by highlighting their ability to have their own account with visibility and control over charging stations.

Manage all B2B partners from one place

Efficiently handle all partner interactions from a single interface. Manage your financial relationships and track revenue and expenses.

Have full control over partner accounts

Leverage predefined partner access roles or grant specific permissions and set limitations to partner access within the system.

Build flexible financial agreements

Offer various pricing models based on platform fees, charge points, or types of EVSE. Combine fixed fees and revenue-sharing options to accommodate different partner needs.

Enable corporate billing for partners

Expand the charging use cases you can serve by allowing EV drivers to be billed directly on the partner’s account rather than their own.

How it works

AMPECO’s EV charging management platform empowers EV charging network operators to effectively manage and expand their business relationships with B2B partners and site hosts.

Create a partner profile

Set up contact details and grant management permissions. Allow partners to create users and add to their balance, control prices and price groups, display their information on receipts, receive notifications and manage corporate billing.

Illustration of partner profile capabilities
Illustration of revenue sharing options with partners and site hosts

Define your business terms

Define the financial terms between you and your partners and site hosts. Combine revenue share in percentage for AC and DC chargers with fixed monthly fees for the platform or charge points and different types of EVSEs.

Track revenue and expenses

Access comprehensive revenue and expense tracking with detailed user and payment information and streamline transactions with settlement reports.

Illustration of tracking revenues and expenses with settlement reports

Expand your network with AMPECO’s partner and site host management

Our platform consolidates all your business connections into a single, centralized hub

Dedicated web portal

Offer partners and site hosts a unified interface for control and visibility of their EV charging network.

Different access accounts

Set specific access levels for partners, enabling streamlined management of charging sessions, remote control features, and firmware updates.

Partner contracts

Establish transparent financial relationships with your partners, defining revenue-sharing options, platform fees and more.

Revenue and expense tracking

Easily track revenue and expenses, including fixed monthly platform fees, set fees per AC or DC charger, charging sessions, and calculate electricity tax reimbursements.

Detailed settlement reports

Get a clear financial overview with settlement reports. They provide a detailed breakdown of every revenue-generating transaction and every fee owed to you by each partner.


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Select the right strategy to grow your network

Tailor your network growth strategy to suit your business model, whether by establishing a network of site hosts and B2B partners, adopting a multi-tiered approach, or blending these strategies.

Build a network of site hosts and B2B partners

Prospect, contact, negotiate terms, and sign agreements with site hosts. Integrate them into your network, overseeing every detail to ensure seamless integration and optimal operation.

Diagram of B2B partners and site hosts scenarios

Build a multi-tiered network

Adopt a multi-tiered approach by partnering with sub-operators. Empower sub-operators to establish connections with site hosts independently, adding a strategic intermediary layer that expands your network’s reach and depth in the EV charging market.

Diagram of multi-tiered network

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Site Hosts and B2B Partner Management - Manage your business relationships from a single place. Grow your EV charging network across locations and use cases.

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Site Hosts and B2B Partner Management - Manage your business relationships from a single place. Grow your EV charging network across locations and use cases.

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B2B Partner Management FAQs

What are some examples of site hosts and B2B partners?

Site hosts and B2B partners can include a variety of establishments such as hotels, parking lots, restaurants and malls. They also include businesses seeking to offer EV charging services to their clients or employees.

When you mention site hosts, partners, B2B clients, and location partners, are you referring to all these as the same thing?

Yes! We use these terms interchangeably to describe entities collaborating with network operators for EV charging services.

Do you manage payments between the CPO and their site hosts?

No, our platform sets the parameters of the financial relationship and tracks who owes what to whom at the end of the period. We facilitate the management of these relationships but do not handle payments directly.

How many partners can I manage within the AMPECO system?

There are no limitations on the number of partners you can manage within the AMPECO EV charging management platform.

What can a site host/partner do within the system?

Site hosts and partners can manage prices and price groups for their charge points, tailor their pricing strategies, add and manage users, and access detailed financial reports. They have direct login access to manage their accounts and perform tasks within the system.

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Site Hosts and B2B Partner Management - Manage your business relationships from a single place. Grow your EV charging network across locations and use cases.