Set the right price for each customer at every location

Cover multiple business use cases with flexible subscription plans and pricing.

Subscription and pricing in EV Charging


Assign prices based on customer type

Define your EV charging pricing per kWh, per duration, or time of day. Organize prices by pricing groups and offer different rates based on the type of customer: individual, fleet or private or public – even at the same location.

EV Charging Prices
Subscriptions and pricing - Revenue and Churn

Pricing plans

Get automatic, recurring payments with EV charging subscriptions

Promote customer loyalty and increase your revenue predictability with EV charging subscription plans. Grow faster with lower retention costs and churn rates.

Have full control over pricing

Scale the utilization of your network with varied pricing strategies and benefit from
easy pricing management with high flexibility and automation.

Control charging duration to maximize utilization

Allow more EV drivers to charge at your stations when you define charging limits either by duration or by energy consumption. Encourage turnover past the allotted time period with idle fees.

Set different prices depending on who is charging

Offer different prices at the same location based on the type of customer with pricing groups. Gain maximum business flexibility, when you define pricing groups and apply them to a specific EVSE of a charging station.

Define the most suitable EV charging subscription plans

Provide your customers monthly, quarterly or annual subscription plans based on fixed rate, tiered pricing, per user and consumption subscription models to reduce charging and transaction costs.

Foster customer loyalty with discounts

Run promotional campaigns, special offers, and discounts to boost your brand and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Apply different pricing to the same charge point

Choose to charge per kWh, duration, time of day, or offer free or discounted charging under certain conditions.

How it works

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Decide on a pricing type and set prices per kWh, per duration, and time of day among other options.

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Assign prices to user groups to enable different pricing for specific users to accommodate multiple use cases.

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Use promotional incentives such as vouchers & promo codes to elevate your brand and monetize your network.

Grow your business with us

Increase your bottom line with AMPECO’s EV charging management software

Flexible pricing and subscription plans simplify your customers’ charging experience, optimize operations and support multiple use cases.


Consider all the factors and determine the pricing type that best accommodates your business use cases. Choose from: kWh, per minute, per duration, and time of day among others.


Assign different pricing per location or even per EVSE on your charging station. Define different prices for business partners, a specific user group and for ad-hoc EV charging sessions.


Offer customers monthly, quarterly or yearly EV charging subscriptions to reduce payments and charging costs to simplify payments.


Accommodate every business use case by defining connection fees, idle fees, grace periods, and even free charging up to a certain amount. Make changes to pricing in just a couple of clicks.

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Subscriptions and Pricing use cases to consider

Segment your customers

To effectively manage EV charging in your network, you need to be able to bill differently for public and private charging and assign prices to groups of customers. For example, a workplace parking lot could have one price that applies to the general public, a reduced price for employees and free charging under certain conditions.

Segment EV Drivers

Recurring monthly revenue stream

EV charging subscriptions guarantee recurring monthly revenue streams and higher customer retention. They are also a great way to promote your brand and grow your network with bonuses such as complimentary charging up to a certain amount of kWh or time period. EV drivers benefit from the convenience and the reduction in bank fees as a result of paying once as opposed to after each charging session.

EV Charging Subscription plans

Flexibility for enterprises

Many enterprises use a CRM or billing system for existing customers with assigned subscription plans. To add EV charging to existing services, AMPECO’s API either automatically sends the charging consumption and duration data to facilitate billing through third-party software or assigns subscription plans and pricing provided by third-party software to charge EV drivers accurately.

Subscriptions and Pricing via API

Flexible billing for residential charging

Subscription plans in AMPECO’s EV charging management platform simplify EV charging in multiple occupancy residences with shared parking lots. EV drivers pay a fixed monthly service fee as part of their EV charging subscription plan, while property owners set pricing considering power usage.

Residential charging

Country-specific regulations

Some countries do not allow charge point operators to sell electricity, or they have a strict limit of up to a certain amount of kWs before you are required to register as a DSO. In this case, AMPECO’s platform allows you to set prices and limits for the charging duration and consumption per kWh. This will enable you to offer EV charging services while complying with local regulations.

Local market regulaltions

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Subscription plans and pricing - Cover multiple business use cases with flexible subscription plans and pricing.

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Subscription plans and pricing - Cover multiple business use cases with flexible subscription plans and pricing.

The AMPECO Platform overview

Find out how to manage a reliable and profitable EV charging network using the EV charging software features in AMPECO’s platform.

Subscription Plans and Pricing FAQs

Can I easily change prices for multiple charge points?

One of the significant benefits of AMPECO’s EV Charging platform is that you can add and change prices in bulk. You don’t have to go through each charger or user individually to change settings. This saves each network operator considerable time.

Can I limit how much energy a user may consume?

Yes, you can set a limit on the amount of energy used during a charging session. This is particularly the case in countries where energy sales are regulated and charging sessions should be restricted to a certain number of kWh.

Can I integrate with my own CRM/billing software?

Yes, you can. The AMPECO API allows you to integrate with any third-party software. Pricing data can be transferred from your CRM system while we manage billing and payment. Additionally EV charging data can be provided directly to your own billing or payment software for further processing.

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Subscription plans and pricing - Cover multiple business use cases with flexible subscription plans and pricing.