We are happy to announce that our EV charging management platform is now OCPP 1.6 certified! This achievement represents our commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability in the EV charging sector.

The certification program is a joint effort of the Open Charge Alliance and involves rigorous testing by independent laboratories, which affirm our platform’s adherence to the OCPP specifications. This exhaustive process guarantees that our clients receive a product tested for quality, interoperability, and compliance. Vendors can implement OCPP without participating in the Certification Program but can only claim OCPP compliance with official certification. 

AMPECO OCPP 1.6 Certificate

The gold standard in EV charging

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) 1.6 is recognized as the gold standard in EV charging. It’s the language that charging stations and management systems speak for seamless communication. 

This certification signifies our platform’s capability to:

Universal Compatibility

Our system can effortlessly communicate with any OCPP-compliant charging station. This universality is crucial in an industry with vast diversity in charging hardware.

Peak Performance and Reliability

Our platform, rigorously tested and certified under OCPP 1.6 standards, guarantees optimal operation, efficiency, and reliability. This certification not only signifies trust and quality but also assures our clients of our platform’s adherence to industry benchmarks in performance and compatibility. Certified solutions like ours can accelerate EV adoption and improve user experiences. 

Empowering charge point operators

The OCPP 1.6 certification greatly enhances charging operations by offering advanced communication protocol and robust security features, ensuring more efficient, secure, and user-friendly charging experiences. This certification represents a significant step in operational excellence, aligning with the latest in technology and sustainability. Key advantages include:

Enhanced Charger Selection and Integration

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in choosing from various OCPP-compliant chargers, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility across different brands and models. This variety allows for a tailored charging infrastructure that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and preferences.

Smart charging and energy management

Leverage intelligent charging solutions like load balancing and optimized energy usage, which not only reduce operational costs but also support sustainable energy practices. These smart features ensure efficient power distribution, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Advanced monitoring, remote management, and customization

Gain real-time insights with detailed monitoring and reporting tools and the ability to troubleshoot and update firmware remotely. This facilitates a customizable user experience, allowing for differential pricing, loyalty programs, and personalized services that enhance customer satisfaction.

Scalable and future-proof infrastructure

As your business grows, our platform scales with you. Quickly expand your charging network with the assurance of future-ready technology that stays abreast of evolving trends and standards in the EV industry.

Robust security and regulatory compliance

Benefit from stringent security protocols that safeguard against cyber threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of user data. Additionally, our platform’s adherence to international standards and regulations provides peace of mind, knowing your operations comply with current legal requirements.

Our OCPP 1.6 certification is more than a badge of honor; it’s a commitment to driving sustainable mobility. We are simplifying EV charging and accelerating the transition to a greener, cleaner future by ensuring interoperability and high standards.


Sasha Kostov

Copywriting Lead

About the author

Sasha has extensive expertise in generating educational content that helps e-mobility companies grow, raise brand recognition, and establish thought leadership.