EVPoint operates a network of charging stations in Bulgaria. The company chose AMPECO’s charge-point management solution – AMPECO.CHARGE, to manage their charging infrastructure and to provide their customers with a convenient way to locate and use their charging stations.

For EVPoint AMPECO integrated a local payment gateway. Additionally we provided a consulting service and helped with defining EVPoint’s strategy and operations procedures.

EVPoint’s mobile app is used by drivers not only to access EVPoint’s own-operated charging stations but also to locate and find information about other existing charge-point locations.

For their AC charging locations EVPoint relies so far on charging stations by Vestel, Etrel and LeGrand and for DC stations they plan to install ABB, Efacec and Setec chargers.

The business model of EVPoint includes owning part of the infrastructure but also providing the opportunity to other parties to include their existing or newly installed charging stations in EVPoint’s network, thus having the option to collect payments, participate in roaming with third-party operators, etc.

In addition to operating a charge-point network, EVPoint also offers charging stations and EV charging accessories, installation and consulting services.

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